Today's Opinions

  • Learn to move on

    We have all been injured emotionally at one time or another, in one way of another – hurt by family, friends, business colleagues, news media, politicians or whatever – and the bitter urge to strike back becomes our first reaction.

  • Comparing college savings options

    By Zack Van Zant

    After a child is born, he or she progresses through an infinite number of “firsts.” First breath. First cry. First laugh. First tooth. First steps. What about first investment?

  • Words of comfort in hard times

    A hospital administrator was once startled to see a patient fleeing down the hall from the operating room. Stopping the patient, he asked what seemed to be wrong. The patient exclaimed, “The nurse scared me near to death when she said, “Be brave! An appendectomy is a simple operation.”

  • We are called to be encouragers
  • In our own backyard

    By Ginger Lumpkin

    Even though it is only two and-a-half hours away, I have not spent much time in Chicago. In 1974, I tagged along on a church youth trip chaperoned by my parents. I was only five, but I have some very distinct memories of that time. 

  • The art of business ethics

    By Molly Hensel

    Huh? Business and ethics in the same breath? Surely you jest. Just look at the current crop of political candidates and you must be dreaming to think that business and ethics are even part of the same conversation. 

  • What will they say?

     Having spoken at hundreds of funerals in my lifetime, I have discovered that final remarks relate a great deal about the deceased. It would be a fascinating experience to hear, in advance, what will be said in our eulogy.  

  • Letter to the Editor - June 16, 2016

     Running for judge

    After much prayer, discussions with my wife, Debby, other family members and friends, and with the encouragement of many people in the community, I have decided to seek the office of Family Court Judge for Henry, Oldham and Trimble counties.