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  • GINGER: Decluttering brings remorse for selling Grandma's cookie jar

    Besides my hymnal collection, and the refrigerator magnets I pick up to commemorate my travels, I’m not much of a collector. In fact, I’m kind of the opposite.

    I get tired of having stuff around, so I am constantly decluttering. With seven people in our home, things tend to accumulate rather quickly, and I start to feel like I’m suffocating.

  • PUBLISHER: Trains, planes and daily news

    Arriving in La Grange for the first time last November, I was as giddy as a 5-year-old to see a train run through the middle of town. The attraction of trains for boys is a somewhat odd trait of male genes, but one that has always captured my attention from the small-scale toy trains to standing and analyzing the mechanics of large diesels sitting on sidetracks.

  • GINGER: Potty training happens eventually, right?

    My least favorite mommy task is attempting to sufficiently slather sunscreen onto a wiggly toddler.
    My second least favorite is potty-training. Unfortunately, there is no way to combine these tasks into one really miserable event.
     When we decided to have more children, it had been 10 years since our last.

  • MUELLER: Happiness is closer than you think

    Your success in business, sports, friendship, love, and nearly every enterprise you attempt is largely determined by your own self-image.
    People who have confidence in their personal worth seem to be magnets for success and happiness.
    Good things drip into their laps regularly, their relationships are long-lasting, and their projects are usually carried to completion.

  • MAGISTRATE: Free cleanup wastes money

    To the editor:
    I recently voted against hosting a hazardous waste day for Oldham residents and will continue to vote against such programs in the future.

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  • SUPERINTENDENT: Success is a tradition

    Congratulations to all Oldham County School employees, parents, board members and community stakeholders for another great year.
    Once again our school system has earned the No. 1 ranking on the state test in 2010 among all county school districts in Kentucky.

  • How alcohol gets into teens’ hands

    By Dodie Huff-Fletcher
    Prevention Division of Seven Counties Services Inc.

    While most adolescents do not use alcohol, some do. But the question is – how do they get it?
    It’s a question of accessibility. Adolescents report that they get their alcohol from three places: a home, a friend or older relative, or from the store using an illegal ID.