Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Nature preserve provides a peaceful library site

    To the editor:
    I read with enjoyment the article in the recent special edition of The Oldham Era concerning the Creasey-Mahan Nature Preserve. It is a beautiful nature preserve, well-managed, and an asset to the entire Oldham community.
    The vision of the late Virginia Creasey and her husband Howard Mahan is being realized by an interested and active volunteer board. Director Tavia Cathcart Brown has been instrumental in providing wonderful active and educational nature programs concerning the local flora and fauna.

  • LETTER: County, school district continue spending despite economic crisis

    To the editor:
    I would like to thank the Republican Party for their endorsement in the Division 3 seat for Oldham County Board of Education, however, I would like voters to know that this is a nonpartisan race. I am in this school board race to represent the children, parents, teachers and taxpayers of Oldham County.
    I am opposed to increasing taxes at the present time, especially with a looming economic crisis in America, Kentucky and Oldham County.

  • LETTER: The Brownsboro school of dreams: ‘Build it and they will come’

    To the editor:
    In the movie “Field of Dreams,” a farmer builds a baseball field in the middle of an Iowa cornfield because voices tell him, “Build it and they will come.”
    The local board of education either saw the movie or talked to their favorite local developer, who sold Oldham County Schools three properties — totaling 157 acres and $4.8 million — between November 2007 and October 2009.
    In either case, the planned 700-student Brownsboro Elementary School would be a certain hit as a rerun.

  • LETTER: Brownsboro remains as-is

    To the editor:
    Victory is always great, defeat is usually hard. Thank God that we may remain a multicultural area village, and that Brownsboro is not a “Junkin”-run place as described in the past by a new resident.
    Hopefully, fences can be mended that caused friction to neighbor vs. neighbor, relative vs. relative and friend vs. friend.
    Welcome back to Brownsboro, “The Garden Spot of the World.”
    George Parrish Jr.

  • LETTER: The school district’s investigation of fraudulent enrollment

    To the editor:
    One year after several Oldham Era articles on this subject, let’s take a look back at the school district’s foray into law enforcement.
    An assistant superintendent conducted surveillance of a Jefferson County resident for bringing his child to Oldham County schools.

  • LETTER: Carter has limited experience

    To the editor:
    Attorney Rob Riley’s recent letter in support of Courtney Baxter for commonwealth’s attorney was absolutely correct!
    Her opponent, Bill Carter, through his campaign literature, has insulted attorneys by implying that their endorsement and financial support of a candidate is contingent upon expectations of personal favoritism.

  • LETTER: Facts about the Oldham County school district

    To the editor:
    I attended the Board of Education Candidate Forum hosted Sept. 25 by the Oldham County Republican Party.
    Although I was not involved in the forum, I feel compelled to clarify facts and figures discussed at the forum.
    The following information is available on the district’s website or via open records requests:
    • Oldham County Schools has one assistant superintendent.

  • EDITORIAL: Not all school stats add up

    It’s election season — and that means campaigns are making confetti out of data.
    Because no matter your argument, there’s always a statistic to back it up.
    Take, for instance, elections for the Oldham County Board of Education — a pivotal race that could drastically alter the course of Oldham County Schools.
    Numbers have been flying around like monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
    During a candidate forum Sept. 25, Division 3 candidate Gary Gibson cited a number of statistics that have been fact-checked since the forum.