Today's Opinions

  • GINGER: And God said, ‘It’s not about you’

    In all the years we’ve been traveling to Central America, only once have I had to go to a hospital.
    Our daughter had developed an unusual rash on her arms and I needed to make sure that it wasn’t serious.
    We wouldn’t be back in the states for another month, so I warily proceeded to the local emergency room.
     It was dismal, to say the least. It was similar to what I imagine U.S. hospitals were like in the 1930s, only not so clean. The sounds reminded me of old, scary movies set in asylums.

  • BOB MUELLER: Lead by empowering others

    It’s probably easier to herd fish in the open ocean than to lead people effectively. This is proven by the mountain of books on successful management techniques and the popularity of leadership seminars.
    I don’t agree with modern advisors that people need to be managed or controlled. Do people really need to be managed? Who on earth wants to be managed? How many people want to work like a chicken in a coop that will be turned into a stewing fowl if it fails to lay an egg a day?

  • LETTER: Local business serves tornado ravaged area with kindness

    To the editor:
    In the wake of the terrible storms March 2, there are a few guys in our own backyard that everyone needs to know about.
    Many of you know Amin Gunzalez and his brothers at the Buckner Marathon.
    I started going there regularly about a year ago and I think the world of them. I call him Sunshine and he calls me Moonshine (not real sure about that, but oh well). He always has a smile on his face and most of the time is singing or laughing. “Singing” is a loose term here.

  • LETTER: Want liquor? Go somewhere else

    To the editor:
    As a native of Oldham County and a Christian, I have an obligation to voice my opinion. I cannot vote on the liquor issue because I do not live in the city.

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  • GINGER: My love will linger on, always

    Twenty-one years ago, when hubby and I were planning our wedding, I wasn’t really sure how to go about choosing songs. I knew I didn’t want recorded music, but finding sheet music was a bit difficult.
    Back in those days, we didn’t have the benefit of Googling the lyrics.
     We have never really had a song that we refer to as “our song.” Our song changes with each stage of our relationship. When we first began dating, we listened to a lot of Roger Miller.