Today's Opinions

  • Letters to the Editor - March 24, 2016

     Important votes ahead

    The Oldham County Clerk’s Office wants to take this opportunity to inform all voters of upcoming election information.

  • Going to the mountain top to meet Jesus

     It was Aug. 1, 1997, and I had just begun a fast to seek guidance about whether God wanted me to move to a new church. 

    What began as a three-day fast turned into the most spiritually intense 17 days of my life. 

  • State symbols

    By Tom McShane

  • Our right to privacy
  • Senate near budget passage

    By Ernie Harris

     Not only did Friday mark the end to another busy week in the Kentucky Senate, it also was day 46 of our 60-day legislative session. We are now in the proverbial “fourth quarter” when the House and the Senate must come together to get a victory for the state of Kentucky by passing a responsible budget. 

  • Letters to the Editor - March 17, 2016

     Not a fan of caucus


    I am glad JD Sparks thinks the caucus was so great. As for me my wife and my daughter we don’t think so. 

    We tried to go vote, but traffic was backed up forever. We finally gave up and left. First time I have not voted in about 50 years. 

    Go back to regular polling places instead of one place.

  • Proud of Oldham County

    As the Chair of the Oldham County Republican Presidential Caucus I want to say that I was amazed at the turnout for the caucus on March 5.  Finally, Kentucky is relevant again in national elections.  And people were excited to make sure their voices were heard.  

  • Displaced by Cedar Lake

    I am the parent of one of the clients displaced by Cedar Lake’s programming cuts.  My son attended their day program for a number of years.  He does not need a nurse to be on site all of the time.  

    I know of other clients who also do not need a nurse.  When I asked the CEO, Mr. Stevenson, why my son was asked to leave, he responded that he was cut because he needed “more intense supervision” and that this was known as “other cost saving measures.”