Today's Opinions

  • EDITORIAL: School stats don't add up

    It’s election season — and that means campaigns are making confetti out of data. 
    Because no matter your argument, there’s always a statistic to back it up. 
    Take, for instance, elections for the Oldham County Board of Education — a pivotal race that could drastically alter the course of Oldham County Schools. 
    Numbers have been flying around like monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. 
    During a candidate forum Sept. 25, Division 3 candidate Gary Gibson cited a number of statistics that have been fact-checked since the forum. 

  • LETTER: Lake on Sunset Drive is a problem

    To the editor:
    During the fall of 2011, my sister and her husband were very concerned about the lake on Sunset Drive.
    She and her husband have lived there for 10 years and her son and his family have lived there for 13 years.
    The lake has two earthen dams, made up entirely of soil from the excavation when the lake was built.
    The road started to crack and drop about two feet.

  • LETTER: Baxter is competent, compassionate, committed to serve

    To the editor:
    In the Sept. 27 edition of The Oldham Era, a candidate for Commonwealth Attorney ran an ad regarding local attorneys’ support of Courtney Baxter for Commonwealth Attorney.
    The candidate asks, in his ad, “What do they expect to receive in return?”
    As past-president and 30-year member of the local bar association, the former head of the Public Defenders Office, contributing member of the committee that wrote the local rules for civil and criminal practice, and Courtney Baxter supporter, I can answer that question.

  • SUPERINTENDENT: Celebrating ACT, AP test success


    We, as a school district, are committed to each student’s success. 

    One of the key ways we measure our success is by how well our students perform on national assessments compared to similar students from other states. 

  • CARTOON: Happy Oct. 13th
  • SUPERINTENDENT: District is focused on success

    The state legislature is raising the bar for our students and we, as Oldham County Schools, support this effort. 

    When the state enacted Senate Bill 1 in 2009 it called for the immediate adoption of new academic standards that are more challenging and focused on readying students for college and 21st century career skills. 

  • CARTOON: Replacement refs
  • SUPERINTENDENT: Oldham students, teachers excel

    Navigating information put out about schools is not easy. In these days of high-stakes accountability, there are many indicators of quality and effectiveness that may be considered. 

    We are, and always have been, a district that celebrates our successes. We are also a district that is focused on managing by facts.