• Letter to the Editor - May 12, 2016

     Thanks to the troops

  • Letter to the Editor - May 5, 2016

     Citizens Academy Graduate

    The La Grange Police Citizens Academy is a 10-week course sponsored by the La Grange Police Department. My wife and I recently had the opportunity to attend and it was time well spent.  The academy is free, by the way, and held at the police station in downtown La Grange.

  • Letter to the Editor - April 28, 2016

     Hats off to EMS

    There are many excuses why people do not pay their taxes. 

    In the early hours of April 6, the Oldham County EMS and fire department prevented me from having the ultimate excuse. Their quick and professional response to an emergency call to my house shaved off critical time and gave the specialized teams at the Norton Brownsboro Hospital the opportunity to perform an emergency surgery.

  • Letter to the Editor - April 14, 2016

     ‘Old’ doesn’t mean historic

    Let me get this straight: six people in La Grange can decide how you live in your old home?  I sometimes wonder who died and made them gods.  

    These good people think they are doing us old people, young people and all in between good by saving something old.  

  • Letter to the editor - April 7, 2016

    Tired of obstructionist politics

  • Letter to the Editor - March 31, 2016

     In regards to your article on alcohol fees over the past two years, since it was never mentioned, I would like to know what percentage of those fees came from standalone drive-thru package stores?

    How many of the extra 77 drunk drivers shopped these vs. shopping at Kroger or any walk-in store that sells other things?  How many more lives are in danger with 77 more drunks on the road?  

  • Letters to the Editor - March 24, 2016

     Important votes ahead

    The Oldham County Clerk’s Office wants to take this opportunity to inform all voters of upcoming election information.

  • Letters to the Editor - March 17, 2016

     Not a fan of caucus


    I am glad JD Sparks thinks the caucus was so great. As for me my wife and my daughter we don’t think so. 

    We tried to go vote, but traffic was backed up forever. We finally gave up and left. First time I have not voted in about 50 years. 

    Go back to regular polling places instead of one place.

  • Proud of Oldham County

    As the Chair of the Oldham County Republican Presidential Caucus I want to say that I was amazed at the turnout for the caucus on March 5.  Finally, Kentucky is relevant again in national elections.  And people were excited to make sure their voices were heard.  

  • Displaced by Cedar Lake

    I am the parent of one of the clients displaced by Cedar Lake’s programming cuts.  My son attended their day program for a number of years.  He does not need a nurse to be on site all of the time.  

    I know of other clients who also do not need a nurse.  When I asked the CEO, Mr. Stevenson, why my son was asked to leave, he responded that he was cut because he needed “more intense supervision” and that this was known as “other cost saving measures.”