• Letters to the Editor --May 14, 2015

    Religious Freedom
    I read with interest Mr. DiGiuro’s article on religious freedom in the April 23rd edition.   He dealt with an extremely relevant topic, but left out some important aspects inherent in a well-rounded view of this topic.  If Oldham Countians are to maintain their religious freedom, they must keep in mind a few of the issues our Founding Fathers understood when they penned the First Amendment.

  • Letters to the Editor -- May 7, 2015

    Chamber petition postcards
    As you know the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce initiated a drive seeking enough signatures to request that Oldham County Fiscal Court facilitate a special election on alcohol sales in Oldham County.
    A reader expressed concern about the information that is requested on the postcard petition, and I hope this letter helps to explain the procedure.
    The Board of Elections, the County Clerk and the Alcohol Beverage Control administration requires that this process adhere to a number of conditions. Some of them are:

  • Letters to the Editor

    Chance’s Chance

      In your paper you have had a couple of articles on Chance, the husky. I am the lucky person who got the incredible opportunity of bringing him into his new forever home. He is a remarkable dog and is doing great. If you did not know his story, you would never know that he is blind. As I write this letter, he is asleep at my feet.

  • Letters to the Editor: March 19, 2015


    Too much tax

    When we first moved to La Grange almost six years ago, I stopped by Kroger’s to buy a six-pack of beer to share with the movers after they had finished moving all the furniture into our new home. I was surprised to find not only did they not sell beer, but no one else in La Grange did either. Wow. What kind of a place did we move to?

  • Letters to the Editor Jan. 29

    Questioning land purchase

    I read in the recent Oldham Era that the Oldham County Board of Education recently purchased two tracts of land (a total of 6.57 acres) in Buckner for $180,030. This is the same Board that claimed to be short on funds and increased taxes on Oldham County residents. Their claim then was that the money was needed for teacher pay increases and school operations.

  • Letter to the Editor: More from Light Up
  • Letter to the editor: Thanks to DDL volunteers

    As the Executive Director of Discover Downtown La Grange, I wanted to take a moment to thank the community leaders, first responders, Public Works, sponsors and volunteers for sharing their holiday time to come together for Light Up La Grange. They worked so hard putting it all together. For me personally, I feel very blessed to have worked with such a great crew of helpers. And wow — what an amazing turnout!

  • Letter to the editor: Light up La Grange

    First let me say that this is something I have never done, but certainly have been tempted when reading letters to the editor. Somehow I have always restrained myself and moved on. But not this time. “Disappointed in Light Up” had to be addressed and a “colossal disappointment” really could not go without saying something.

  • Santa Letters

    Dear Santa,

    How are you doing? My neam is Abigail. I am six. I am a stdut at Harmony Elementary. How are the effs? I wot a love dog for Christmas. I dzrv it bkuss I do the deshis. I wil lev you six ceoos. Medre Christmas.

    Love, Abigail

    Dear Santa,

    How are you doing? My nam is Laurel. I am five yers old. I am a kid at Harmony Elementary. How are your elfs? I want a zmre for Chismas. I dzf it becuz I hlp my momy in the kihn. I like it whn you brg the paznts. Santa I wil giv you three coces with milk. Merry Crismas.

    Love, Laurel

  • Letters to the Editor: Dec. 18

    Disappointed in Light Up