• LETTER: Brentwood is now the Crestwood bypass

    To the editor:
    I have not paid close attention to the goings on with the Brentwood subdivision calamity as it has unfolded in the last few months.
    I don’t live there and rarely visit that area. However, this morning I did have a need for the unofficial Crestwood bypass from Ky. 329 to Ky. 22 when Interstate 71 south shut down due to another overturned truck.

  • LETTER: Brentwood is a 'monster'

    To the editor:
    What do the words planning & zoning suggest to you?  Because there is hardly any planning nor zoning involved at Brentwood. 
    I have watched this “monster” develop since 2004, then 2006 when the plans for Brentwood were turned down by the commission for just cause. 

  • LETTER: Call it a money pit, but Liberty Elementary is home

    To the editor:
    Liberty Elementary closing at the end of 2014 school year? Isn’t it ironic the school superintendent is money conscious now?

  • LETTER: Holiday music sets the mood for a season of good will

    To the editor:
    I understand that the date of Dec. 25 as a celebration of Christmas is, according to the historians, not the true birth date of Jesus Christ,  but was instead a pagan celebration of the winter solstice.
    I watch the History Channel so I’m also aware of what is said about the time of year that The Christ was to have been born.

  • LETTER: Celebration is a great way to kick off holiday season

    To the editor:
    When events become traditions, it is because a group of people came together over many years to make that event a special part of community. That’s what has happened with Light Up La Grange -- an event that has become part of the holiday season for so many Kentuckiana families.

  • LETTER: Murner family thanks community for support

    To the editor:
    The Murner family thanks the people of this community for their support and prayers following the death of our dear Chris – son to Anne and Duane, husband to Lori, father to Daniel and Jessie.  In every way you have helped us through a difficult and sad time and we are grateful.

  • LETTER: Farmers' market is for growers, not resellers

    To the editor:
    In response to “Farmers’ market is a benefit to the county” in the Dec. 9 edition...
    I agree with most of what a previous letter to the editor mentioned about the benefits of the La Grange Farmers’ Market. It is as they stated “that a visit to the market is like stepping back into a kinder, gentler, more simple time.”

  • LETTER: Show gratitude to those who brave bad weather

    To the editor:
    During the Christmas and Hanukkah season, it gives us an opportunity to thank those who served us during the past year, even during periods of bad weather.  
    Please consider these individuals, such as the men/women who deliver your mail and newspaper and pick-up your trash and recyclables, with a thoughtful gift.  
    Don Helton

  • LETTER:Family received warm welcome halfway through rainy car ride

    To the editor:
    On Thanksgiving Eve my husband, two kids, dog and I piled in the van to head from Ohio to Tennessee for our family Thanksgiving.
    It’s never really a fun trip with the kids asking, “Are we there yet? How much longer?” after being in the car for 10 minutes.

  • LETTER: Weather conditions caused a panic

    To the editor:
    Can we go back to the days when a tornado watch meant that conditions were favorable for a tornado, and a tornado warning meant there was an actual tornado on the ground?
    Now, every time when there is a dark cloud coming over the local area, the tornado sirens are going off and the media and meteorologists are panicking.