• LETTER: Baxter is competent, compassionate, committed to serve

    To the editor:
    In the Sept. 27 edition of The Oldham Era, a candidate for Commonwealth Attorney ran an ad regarding local attorneys’ support of Courtney Baxter for Commonwealth Attorney.
    The candidate asks, in his ad, “What do they expect to receive in return?”
    As past-president and 30-year member of the local bar association, the former head of the Public Defenders Office, contributing member of the committee that wrote the local rules for civil and criminal practice, and Courtney Baxter supporter, I can answer that question.

  • LETTER: Does health department’s addition bring added services?

    To the editor:
    I am wondering if someone could specifically state all that the Oldham County Health Department does for our area in order to justify the large addition to the facility on Commerce Parkway.
    Our mayor, Bill Lammlein, is looking for tax money to pay down the loan on the land in Oldham Reserve, however, I haven’t seen anything about where the money is coming from in order to enlarge the health department, nor what additional services they will be providing.

  • LETTER: ‘Massie acts as if he already has the job’

    To the editor:
    On Nov. 6, the now-vacant 4th District Congressional seat previously held by Congressman Geoff Davis will be on the ballot twice – once to fill the remainder of U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis’ term, and again for the next full congressional term.
    There is much discussion in the media about apathy and disinterest among voters, and the best way to engage them in the upcoming election is to offer opportunities to attend and participate in a live debate on the issues, particularly in an open seat where little or nothing is known about either candidate.

  • LETTER: Oldham County's horn of plenty is empty

    To the editor:
    In November 1959, Kentucky voted in a 3 percent sales tax to cover veterans’ bonuses and schools.
    Now, the sales tax is 6 percent. Then the lottery was going to end tax increases for schools. Jefferson County just voted in a hefty tax increase, and I expect  Oldham County will follow suit because we will need new schools in 50 years on the gold-plated property they just bought.

  • LETTER: Emergency crews give expert, thoughtful care

    To the editor:
    On Aug. 17, I needed to utilize the services of the South Oldham Fire Department and Oldham County EMS.
    The reason why is not important. What is important is the quality of services provided by the staff.
    Initially I wanted my wife to drive me to the emergency room, but on the way, it soon became apparent that I needed immediate assistance. We stopped at the South Oldham Fire station to seek help.
    That was one of the best decisions we ever made.

  • LETTER: Fix La Grange traffic one project at a time

    To the editor:
    Regarding The Era’s article about the traffic problems on Ky. 53 in La Grange, “Fender-benders on First,” Aug. 23, 2012.
    The article talks about a new overpass connecting Allen Lane to New Moody Lane to be completed in 2015, and that should reduce traffic on Ky. 53.
    The article also talks about plans to make major changes on Ky. 53 to help improve traffic flow.

  • LETTER: ‘Gentlemen’s agreement’ shouldn’t decide county jail’s future

    To the editor:
    I was dismayed to read about the deplorable conditions of the Oldham County Jail — and, while I think that topic begs the question of how things were let to become so bad in the first place, the bigger question still exists of how to proceed.
    The current Oldham County jail has 115 beds, and yet it houses an average of only 30-35 Oldham County inmates.
    We cannot fill the existing space to capacity with just the local offenders, so why are we trying to recruit more alleged lawbreakers into our county?

  • LETTER: Social issues shouldn’t decide elections

    To the editor:
    There are serious issues with our two-party system and the manner in which we place our votes.
    The recent statement by a Republican Senate Candidate from Missouri referencing “legitimate rape” was both ignorant and offensive, but what is more ridiculous is the fact that we chose this man to represent us.
    Today’s political and business motives are driven around social issues which should not be the primary topic for either.

  • LETTER: Changing liquor laws could increase crime

    To the editor:

  • LETTER: Only ‘heartache and trouble’ will follow liquor expansion

    To the editor:

    La Grange citizens, you MUST vote NO July 24 if you do not want our lovely city inundated with THREE, and maybe more in the future, package liquor stores.