• BOB MUELLER: It’s time to rekindle your curiosity

    There’s a joke about a couple who’ve been married over 50 years, and one night in bed the wife looks over at her husband and starts to complain.
    She says, “You know, when we were first married, you’d reach over and hold my hand. It’s been years since you’ve reached over to hold my hand at night.”

  • GINGER: Time to usher in a new season of food

    Summer is coming! I’m a cool weather gal, so the season only holds a mild attraction for me. That attraction mostly centers on food.

    To me, the warm weather months are all about festival and fair food. I love it all, from the lemon shake-ups to the deep fried Snickers bars.

  • PUBLISHER: The wheel goes round and round

    My debut performance in Oldham County as a moderator/emcee of events arrived Tuesday.
    Thanks to the Oldham County Chamber and Economic Development I was the lead pony in what became a very informative, very challenging, and somewhat eye opening discussion with three regional players of economic development.

  • GINGER: Scatterbrained with organic highlights

    My brain has been so scattered lately that I’ve had a hard time expounding on one subject for a column, so I’m just going to run ahead with my jumbled thoughts.
    Try to keep up!
    The Royal Wedding: It should have been me!
    Not in the sense that I should have been the one to marry Prince William.

  • MUELLER: Positive people and positive attitudes

    If you want to be successful in your life, at work, socializing, you need to be aware that there are two groups of people to hang out with.

    First, there are those who lift you up, are positive about life, have energy and enthusiasm, walk their walk, talk their walk, and generally make you feel great to be alive.

  • GINGER: Stick a fork in it

    Hubby just returned home from a six week business trip to a far-away place; a romantic little spot with tiki huts, cobalt blue water, pristine beaches, and cannibals.
    “Cannibals?!” you exclaim.
    Yeah, that’s what I said too.  When I found out cannibalism was practiced there until the 1950s, I declined to join him.

  • MUELLER: No one knows you better than you

    A wise counselor friend recently told me that the biggest issue he works on with his clients is co-dependence.

  • GINGER: Remodeling with feminine wiles

    For several months, we’ve been busy remodeling the house.
    This past six weeks, while hubby was out of the country, I took it upon myself to rip up carpet, bust up tile, and knock the plaster and lathe from the walls, leaving beams and bricks exposed.
    Unfortunately, that’s as far as I got before he came home.

  • PUBLISHER: Government-owned papers and community driven news

    In my second year as a newspaper publisher, a lady called to share her disgruntlement with a columnist our newspaper published.
    She did not share this man’s view and somewhat comic approach regarding the talk of melting ice on the poles of our globe and the good things that could come of it.


    In the April 21 edition, we offered space for residents to debate conservatism in the United States. It is our intention for the opinion section of The Oldham Era to serve as a sounding board for your views, and we welcome your comments.