• Keep cooking, keep eating

    I have been writing this column for eight years talking about food.
    I have enjoyed meeting people who actually read and liked the column and enjoyed the recipes.
    I will not be doing the food column any more. I have some other things to do. I do hope to put together a cookbook.
    I hope people remember to buy local produce and meats. There is nothing better than sharing a meal with friends or family.
    I have a favorite Italian proverb: When baking, follow directions; when cooking, follow your heart and your taste.
    Here is one of my favorite columns:

  • Do you know GMOs?

    By Chris Name
    Oldham County Extension
    A lot of confusing terminology surrounds genetically modified organisms, also known as GMOs, and other methods of food biotechnology. Some basic information can help you as a consumer make informed decisions about the kinds of foods that are best for your family.

  • I'm gonna take a sentimental journey

     This past weekend a reunion was held at the Christian school I attended as a child, so I hopped aboard the “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” and headed back to Tennessee. Saturday turned into a “sentimental journey” as my dearest old friend and I took a lengthy walk down memory lane.  

  • The secret of life varies for all

     In my work at Hosparus I talk to many folks who are 90 years old or older and I love to ask them, “What’s the secret of a long life?”  They invariably say, “Staying active.”

    I have had that same conversation with people in their last days.  Most have told me, “Live today in the present.”

  • Is it worth something?

    By Tom McShane
    There are so many old musical instruments that are found in attics, closets or old estates, or some that have been hidden there for generations. These relics pop up during routine housecleanings, relocations, estate liquidations, flea markets and yard sales everywhere. Most of these instruments are, to say the least, not in very good playing condition; some have almost completely disintegrated over time.

  • How would you describe God to someone?

    How well could you describe God to someone else? Where would you start?
    What metaphors would you use to help someone understand who God is? Whether we use the metaphor or not, I think a lot of the ways many Christians view God is best described as a celestial grandfather.

  • Prayers for journalists
  • ‘I see London, I see France...’

    I’m sitting here in the new house, boxes stacked to the ceiling; a virtual maze of corrugated cardboard and Sharpie ink which is sometimes the only indication of which room I have entered.
    “The kitchen must be here somewhere. Ah yes, here it is! I can tell because this wall of boxes stacked higher than my head reads ‘silverware,’ ‘cookie sheets,’ and ‘underwear drawer.’”
    “Wait a minute. Is this the kitchen or the bedroom?”

  • Good culture causes growth

    By Tom McShane
    The 2015-16 school year is well underway now, and for most parents, the dust is beginning to settle.
    If you have one or more children enrolled in school, you know what I’m talking about. Just to prepare them for the basics can be daunting, and taxing, both emotionally and on the pocketbooks. Keep in mind, however, there is hardly a greater investment you can make than in the foundation of your child’s intellectual growth.

  • Have you found your place in the sun or Son?

    Have you ever heard someone talk about finding their place in the sun? It means that a person finds a job or a situation that makes them happy and provides lots of money and fame so they feel important.
    It comes from the German foreign policy of Kaiser Wilhelm II, who would lead Germany and the world into World War I. Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to transform Germany into a global power through aggressive actions and a large navy to project German power.