• State senate addresses disability care

    By Ernie Harris, Ky. Senator

    The passage of bills that would help children with disabilities, preserve rights of victims in criminal cases, and fight for the rights of the unborn highlighted another busy week in the Senate. As Thursday marked day 40 of our 60-day legislative session in Frankfort, we are still anxiously awaiting a budget bill from our colleagues in the House.

  • Freezin' for a reason

    My kids and I have a history of silly, cold-weather activities, ranging from making snow angels in our bathing suits to swimming in glacial Lake Superior.  

  • Hidden Blessings

    Years ago I went to visit a parishioner at a local hospital.  I will always remember walking down the corridor to a room with the door closed.  15 teenagers stood outside.  One woman in particular seemed to be bent over with grief.  The others were gathered around her to offer comfort and encouragement.  This was an unusual scene along the normally quiet and empty hospital hallways.  I visited with them long enough to understand.

  • Does God want Christians to speak up?

     President Bush gets ridiculed for letting his faith impact his leadership as President.  President Obama gets ridiculed for not being as open about his faith in public.  

    Critics question the integrity of the faith of both presidents.  Maybe Christians should just keep their mouths shut, at least about anything that has to do with their faith.

  • Among the best

     You hold in your hands one of the best newspapers in Kentucky. 

    Although that is my personal opinion, you don’t have to take that at face value. We have proof.

    Last week at an awards presentation of the Kentucky Press Association, The Oldham Era, your community newspaper, earned the first place award for overall General Excellence among like-sized weekly newspapers across the state.

  • Keeping it all together

     It’s easy to love someone else when they are doing well, when they are far away or any time the conditions are calm and the sailing smooth.  The challenge and true test of love is how to express care, how to show it and embody it in our own actions when difficulties arise, when needs increase, when resources are taxed and when it would be easier to simply walk the other way.

  • A week in the life of Facebook

    By Ginger Lumpkin

     If you’re not on Facebook, then you are missing a lot of fun.  You might also be missing drama, wasted time and intimate knowledge that you’d rather not have of people’s day-to-day routines. But in spite of the potential downsides, I enjoy Facebook a great deal.  

  • Universal empathy

    Native Kentuckian Abraham Lincoln has always been my favorite president. I have read countless books and articles about his universal empathy. Lincoln demonstrated time and time again “a singular ability to transcend personal vendetta, humiliation or bitterness.”

  • Generations of national adventures

    By Mark Hoard

    This is the first of a two-part column dedicated to the influence of “America’s Greatest Idea” – The National Parks – on my life

    If you were to ask someone what is the best gift their parents ever gave them, I’m certain you would get a wide range of answers, from the vital “never cross the street without looking both ways” to the trivial “my first slot car set.”

  • Spammon: breakfast of champions

    By Ginger Lumpkin

    “What do you want for breakfast,” I asked eight-year-old son. 


    “We don’t have salmon.” 

    “I mean spammon…errr…Spam. I always get Spam and salmon mixed up.”