Peter Campbell and Bobbi Nelson/Special to the Oldham Era
Brayden Miller shows excitement as he takes a ride on his new bike, which he was given by Santa Claus, who traded his reindeer for a La Grange Fire Department truck for one night.
Public servants rescue Christmas after tragic death

In the middle of an extreme personal tragedy, one local boy is going to get the Christmas wish of his life.

Two weekends ago, Kendra Miller was taken off life support after a one-vehicle accident with her son, Brayden, 5, on Highway 146 in Crestwood last month.

Faced with losing his mother and now living with his grandmother, Debbie Miller, there was a question of how Brayden would be able to enjoy Christmas without his mother, and likely without many presents, since Debbie took medical leave while her daughter was in the hospital.