Today's News

  • GINGER: Stick a fork in it

    Hubby just returned home from a six week business trip to a far-away place; a romantic little spot with tiki huts, cobalt blue water, pristine beaches, and cannibals.
    “Cannibals?!” you exclaim.
    Yeah, that’s what I said too.  When I found out cannibalism was practiced there until the 1950s, I declined to join him.

  • Dine is Gallery 104's artist of the month

    After relocation to Kentucky in 2006, Darlene Dine discovered a new and wondrous subject matter.  
    While living in Florida for 15 years, she was primarily involved in the photographic and portrait retouching industry.  
    Now living in the quaint, historic town of La Grange, she has found a new love for painting horses and scenes from our very own Oldham County.

  • Sewage rates could hike 11.5 percent

    The Oldham County Utilities Commission has proposed a sewage fee increase for La Grange residents in an effort to offset costs of implementing a sewage maintenance plan.

    John Bennett of the La Grange Utilities Commission proposed the increase of sewage rates by 11.5 percent.

    The average cost per customer, per month would rise from $23.12 to $25.78.

  • County renews parochial school 
transportation agreement

    Oldham County Fiscal Court has renewed a resolution facilitating payment of expenses by the state of Kentucky for transportation of parochial school 

    The county has acted as a conduit for reimbursement of transportation for parochial school students for three years, and does not pay for the transportation directly.

  • St. Francis celebrates students’ good deeds

    Students at St. Francis School in Goshen were rewarded for their good deeds with a celebration and concert Friday.
    Students gathered in the school auditorium and watched as their schoolmates gave presentations about their class service projects.

  • City to negotiate with homeowner who purchased property from ex-mayor

    La Grange will negotiate with a man who purchased a home from the city as sold unlawfully by the city’s former mayor. 

    In December, George Richard Hall, a public works employee, bought a city-owned home on the 400 block of First Avenue from former La Grange Mayor Elsie Carter.

  • La Grange restaurants allowed to cater alcohol

    La Grange City Council passed an ordinance Monday night permitting La Grange restaurant owners to acquire a supplementary catering license, which would allow them to cater alcoholic beverages within city limits.
    Mayor Bill Lammlein explained that businesses outside La Grange have catering licenses that allow them to serve alcohol in the city.

  • La Grange amends fines and penalties for most violations

    La Grange City Council agreed Monday to have a uniform set of fines and penalties for city code violations.
    City attorney Steve Emery said “law enforcement” requested a uniform set of rules, which would enable them to explain penalties more easily to offenders.
    The specific penalties for each city code violation are:

  • Honey bees swarm in Prospect

    Oldham County Animal Control relied on a local beekeeper to deal with a swarm of honey bees hanging out in Prospect recently.

    A resident called animal control early one afternoon to report a huge swarm of bees on Moser Farm Road in Prospect, near the county line.

  • Get ready for a 'Shack' attack

    A bright chestnut horse with Goshen connections has been receiving nationwide attention from handicappers who will try to pick the Kentucky Derby winner on Saturday.