Today's News

  • Injury Advantage

    BUCKNER — A slight misstep on another player’s foot is all it took.

                Until North Oldham boys’ basketball senior center Devon Rowan came down on another player’s foot with 2:05 remaining in the second quarter, the Mustangs had control of the game at Oldham County and led 21-18.

                Rowan returned from the play, in which he sprained his left ankle, but NOHS never looked the same again.

  • Local winery sweeps San Francisco Chronicle's wine competition

    Smith-Berry Vineyard and Winery recently swept the 2012 San Francisco Chronicle wine competition.

    The vineyard earned a silver medal for the Single Barrel Select American Oak and a bronze medal for the 2007 Zinfandel, as well as a bronze medal for the 2008 Kentucky Cabernet Sauvignon. This competition set a new American wine competition record with 5,500 entries, surpassing its previous record of 5,050 last year.

    For nine consecutive years, this competition holds strong as the “Largest Competition of American Wines in the World.”

  • Local real estate and the Wicked Witch of the West

    When I was a little girl, the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz” scared me half to death.  I can remember watching the movie through small slits in my hands as I covered my eyes and shook with terror.

    Just as her green face struck terror in my young heart, it can be just as frightening to think about selling your home in today’s market and losing all that “green” from your wallet.

    But is the news all that scary?

  • GINGER: Listen to me, 17-year-old me

    I recently read a letter that someone had written to their 17-year-old self. Mostly, she was admonishing herself to enjoy being with her mom and to stop rolling her eyes so much.
    I thought it would be an interesting exercise to write a letter to my 17-year-old self. Not that it will do much good, a quarter of a century later, but I’d like to see where it goes.
     Dear me,
     I hardly recognize you! I don’t remember joining the circus. You might want to stop using such a heavy hand when applying your blusher and eye shadow.

  • Snow forecast leaves parents wondering about early dismissal

    Officials from Oldham County Schools confirm there are no plans for early dismissal as snow approaches the area.

    However, after-school activities have been cancelled, including clubs, organizations, sports and ESS.

    The National Weather Service in Louisville has issued a winter weather advisory for snow from 1 p.m. Thursday to 9 a.m. Friday, predicting blustery conditions and snow showers.

  • Grand Stamm—LIVE! 1.13

    Guys and gals, welcome to our sixth Grand Stamm — LIVE! chat.

    I hope you all enjoyed last week's chat, with Sean Ramey, master instructor at Kentucky Tae Kwon Do. As I've been told before, I guess I really showed by newness to Oldham County by not knowing that Ramey took part in The Bachelorette. But I had a blast!

  • WoodSongs Coffeehouse set Jan. 19

    The award winning Oldham County Parks & Recreation WoodSongs Coffeehouse is the home of “roots music” in Oldham County.

    “Roots music” can best be described as an acoustic-oriented style that may include, but is not limited to: bluegrass, country, gospel/spiritual and singer/songwriter.

    The WoodSongs Coffeehouse is a family- friendly venue with a close-knit, homey feel where new players and seasoned performers will be given the opportunity to teach and learn from each other through shared experiences.

  • Main Street in La Grange will be backdrop for shootout movie

    Six Guns Entertainment will film an independent Western movie in La Grange next weekend.

    The local reenactment group portrays historical scenarios, like the O.K. Corral shootout, and recreates scenes from famous Western movies.

    The filming will be at Main and First streets, and there will be simulated gunfire during the shooting.
    Filming is scheduled 7 to 10 a.m. Saturday.

    No parking is allowed on East Main Street while the movie is filmed.

  • Mixed media artist Mary Kinney is January’s Artist of the Month

    As an artist, Mary Kinney has always been drawn to the unusual, the experimental, the core of the matter, the beginnings and the endings.

    She has spent many years in the arts and crafts world developing her style, finding, then mastering, her own way of doing things.

  • Center’s lax policies cause snafu, prompt scheduling changes

    After several complaints of unwarranted cancellations, La Grange Community Center officials are formalizing the process to use the center.

    Peggy Kilgore, Oldham County YMCA Executive Director, said those wishing to use the space will be asked to sign an agreement specifying dates and times.

    The center is owned by the city, who contracts with the YMCA to provide programs and services in the space.

    Kilgore said recent complaints are a result of loose scheduling requirements, and some residents assume they can keep a certain day and time forever.