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  • U.S. Marshals arrest Kenneth and Terri Smith

    U.S. Marshals have arrested a couple suspected of operating a large puppy mill in rural Campbellsburg.

    Terri Smith, 51, was arrested at a trailer park in Bullitt County at 7:30 a.m., according to Chief Deputy Brian Parrish. She was initially booked at the Oldham County Detention Center and thentransferred to Carroll County Detention Center later in the morning, Parrish said.

  • U.S. Postal Service woes
  • GINGER: Santa's way better than Snow White

    My 5-year-old daughter is going through that stage of trying to discern the truth about Santa.
    Listening to her speculate has become a source of entertainment around our household.
    Her logic and reasoning reminds me of, well, myself actually.
    It’s all over the place, and depending on what thought pops into her head at any given moment, it can entirely change her mood.
    One morning, as we were driving to preschool, she was providing her younger brother with a running commentary on the merits of believing in Santa Claus.

  • Grand Stamm — LIVE! 12.16

    Guys and Gals, welcome to the second of our weekly chats with you, our readers.

    Every Friday (time varies depending on guest availability) I'll be chatting and answering any questions you have about sports in Oldham County or any other sports topic (Don't even get me started on the Bowl Championship Series).

  • Police investigating vehicle break-ins in Prospect, Goshen

    Prospect and Goshen area residents are victims of a string of burglaries in recent weeks. 

    During a Prospect city council meeting Monday, the mayor and police chief discussed the crimes. 

    According to police, 12 vehicle break-ins took place Nov. 5 and 6. Items reported taken had a total value of $7,200. 

    Another vehicle break-in took place Nov. 7. 

  • BOB MUELLER: Appreciate yourself

    I know a super volunteer for many organizations who works really hard at being generous and helpful. If anyone has a need, she goes out of her way to try to fill it. The people in her life greatly appreciate her.

    But ironically she has expressed to me that she feels completely isolated and unappreciated. At times she can fall into a depression, feeling that she gives so much but gets nothing in return.

    I told her I think I know why she’s so stuck. It is difficult for her to receive any kind of appreciation or praise. She’s a master at deflection.

  • Eagle Scout projects benefit City of Prospect

    Six students, including two from Oldham County, have been named honorary citizens of Prospect for donating their hand-crafted Boy Scout projects to the city’s Putney Pond and Woodlands.

    Matthew Greene, 14, and Nick Patterson, 15, both of Goshen, were among four other scouts recognized at the city’s December meeting.

    Patterson, a sophomore at North Oldham High School, collected and cut red cedar and spent his weekends building five park benches in his parents’ garage. The benches are now part of an outdoor classroom in the Woodlands.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Carrie Kapfhammer's class

    Centerfield Elementary teacher Carrie Kapfhammer said her Christmas wish for her second-graders is health and happiness for the boys and girls  and their families.

    Kapfhammer said wrapping presents and watching others open their presents are her favorite moments of Christmas.

    The majority of her students should be included on Santa's nice list, and have worked hard at school.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Cheri Withrow's class

    Locust Grove Elementary teacher Cheri Withrow said she hopes her kindergartners will find joy in giving to those in need and helping others.

    Her favorite holiday tradition is spending time with family and friends.

    She's positive her students will be included in Santa's nice list this year.

    "My students have been very nice this year," she said. "They are kind to one another, share and help those in need."

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Mary Ann Kent's class

    Buckner Elementary teacher Mary Ann Kent said her Christmas wish for her kindergarten and first-graders is for the students to love learning throughout their lifetimes.

    She's pretty sure all of her students are listed on Santa's nice list.

    "My students are very cooperative and considerate," she said.


    Dear Santa,

    I bin good.  I did fed the dogs and mad the bed.  I unlodid the dishwater