Today's News

  • North owns net to win region

    HEBRON ESTATES — While his players were celebrating, North Oldham coach Brian Jones had something clutched in his arms.

    He didn’t want to let go of the trophy the Lady Mustangs had just been presented in their 25-15, 25-20 win over Oldham County in the eighth region championship game at North Bullitt.

  • Grand jury to hear Claggett case

    "This is a very unusual and bizzare case," said Judge Janice Martin Wednesday, after spending the better part of two hours trying to unravel the time line of Donna Claggett's life.

    Claggett, of Goshen, was charged in August with theft by deception by the Oldham County School system.

    She is accused of owing the county $24,000, because someone else enrolled their child at Liberty Elementary in 2004 and used her address.

  • Oldham best in region, penalty kicks

    LOUISVILLE — The first one might have been a bit of luck.

    On a scrum in front of the Ballard net, Oldham County senior midfielder Cameron Bryant put his right foot on the ball, which found the back of the net.

    Bryant’s second goal was clutch and all him. His penalty kick goal gave the Colonels a 2-1 win on a 3-2 penalty kick advantage in the boys soccer championship at Ballard.

  • Three more parents charged with false school enrollment

    Charges against three additional parents were filed in Oldham County District Court Tuesdays as the county's fraudulent enrollment cases pile up. Investigations for the 2011-12 school year currently number 43 families with 63 children. As of Wednesday evening warrants had not been served to the three defendants.

  • Man charged with sex abuse

    A Louisville man pleaded not guilty Monday to numerous counts of sodomy, rape and sexual abuse.

    Denver Hawkins, 55, is accused of abusing a female family member who was under 12 years old when the abuse began. 

  • Roll-back to another era: Walmart offers layaway

    It wasn’t Black Friday, or even Friday at all, but Walmart shoppers were nonetheless lined up Monday morning — waiting for something even better to some than a half-off television: layaway.

    Walmart is bringing Christmas layaway back this season, to the delight of numerous shoppers who were already lined up before the program’s 9 a.m. launch. Store manager Gordon Haymaker said the line had been steady — at least a half-dozen people were waiting in line with big-ticket items at noon on Monday.

  • Several cats poisoned in La Grange

    Most of the residents at La Grange’s Anchor Avenue apartments like the cats that live around the buildings — but at least one person doesn’t.

    Six cats have died from what Oldham County Animal Control believes is antifreeze poisoning, and director Barbara Rosenman said she suspects there may be more casualties. 

  • Truck rear-ended on Ky. 53

    A white Ford Ranger was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on Ky. 53, south of La Grange as the pickup truck attempted to make a right turn on Moody Lane.

    The Ranger was pushed into the guard rail at the corner of Moody Lane at approximately 6 p.m. tonight. Oldham County Police officers Michael Rittenhouse and Sarah King responded to the scene, along with Oldham County EMS and Ballardsville Fire Department. The driver of the pickup truck was sent to Baptist Northeast Hospital for minor injuries.

  • Oldham moves on, South season ends

    BUCKNER — As he gathered his players in front of the Oldham County bench after the game, Lady Colonels coach Dan Schulz told his players what he thought about their standing in the 8th region tournament.

    Oldham County had just defeated Eastern 3-0 in the first round of the regional tournament.

    “We’re the best team in the region,” Schulz said. “CAL (Christian Academy of Louisville) thinks they know what they’re in for. But they don’t.”

  • Kemper hat trick leads Oldham boys soccer in region

    He got a little help, but junior forward Jared Kemper came up with a hat trick to begin Oldham County’s march in the 8th region tournament at Ballard tonight.

    Kemper scored two goals in the first half and one in the second half to lead the Colonels to a 4-1 win over Christian Academy of Louisville.

    Kemper’s third goal came on a penalty kick in the second half, after he was thrown down by Centurions junior goalkeeper Trevor Black in a scramble on a corner kick. Black was red carded and ejected on the play.