Today's News

  • MUELLER: Look forward with hope

    It is my deepest feeling that the major problem of people is that they do not have a high enough opinion of themselves.
    They feel guilt and shame, unworthiness and inadequacy.
    Feeling these emotions, many people run from life and never live up to their best.
    If we do not have the right opinion of ourselves, we will not properly love others.

  • Oldham County Schools drop $8.6 million in reserve

    Oldham County Schools are in a slightly improved financial position compared to this time last year, though difficult economic times may be ahead, said Chuck Littrell, the district’s chief financial officer.

    The board of education closed the 2010-11 fiscal year with an unreserved balance of $8,641,908, or 7.72 percent of actual receipts.

  • Woodmont residents rally around wife, young children that crash victim left behind

    After a fatal crash, a community is supporting one family during a difficult time.  
    Robert Terry Tooley Jr., 42, of Louisville, was killed July 18 when a Nissan Maxima collided with his motorcycle.  

  • COLUMN: Evolution is an often misunderstood theory

    A recent column by David Meredith explored the Theory of Evolution. Meredith wrote that the Theory of Evolution is not anywhere close to scientific fact and that the scientific community does not agree on the factuality of the theory... He also claimed the Theory of Evolution has throughout history contributed to numerous atrocities, including but not limited to the Holocaust.

  • GINGER: Daughter is college bound

    Today I took my oldest daughter to Freshman Orientation. It was an exciting day, and I really enjoyed the two hour drive with her.
    The day we move her into the dorm will be our 20th wedding anniversary. Two big milestones that I’m sure will leave me in a state of pondering, if not a bit emotional.

  • Inmate sets fire at the Oldham County Jail, later flees Henry County deputies

    A Henry County man is charged with arson after setting a fire this weekend in the Oldham County Jail.

    Oldham County Police arrested 20-year-old Justin Reed on Sunday for violating an emergency protective order.

    Jailer Mike Simpson said four to five hours into Reed's stay at the jail, staff members smelled smoke and spotted it seeping from his cell.

  • COLUMN: The American dream is alive and well

    He’s the embodiment of the American Dream. Poor, handicapped, immigrant, yet through established principles has risen to the top in his field. His name is Dennis Ogbe.

    Dennis was the featured speaker at a Rotary meeting I attended not long ago. Whereas history is full of examples like his, it was great to hear and see one up close.

  • Prankster to pay more than $2,900 to water companies

    A La Grange man owes more than $2,900 to local water companies after his prank left more than a thousand homes with little or without water pressure as firefighters scrambled to shut off gushing fire hydrants.

  • CRIME ALERT: Burglary is on the rise in Oldham

    Police say a huge increase in home invasions and burglaries this summer should encourage residents to lock up.

    Oldham County Police Detective Chris Morris said Tuesday that local police have seen a 15 to 20 percent increase in theft, burglary and home invasion this summer.

    Morris said simple precautions could deter burglars.

  • FBI agent or PTA mom?

    Pretty as a picture and looking more like a homemaker than an FBI agent, Jeanne James – a petite, mere sliver of a woman in a bright yellow dress and high heels – recently enthralled the Prospect/Goshen Rotary Club with stories of mobsters and godfathers.