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  • Preserve summer bounty by pickling

    As mankind learned to grow food, the notion that we could preserve it for future use was not far off. 

    The earliest pickles were produced by salting. People discovered that salting food in urns and pots, then burying the vessels caused the production of brine. The brine added flavor and acted as a preservative. 

  • It's back to school

    Oldham County students returned to school on Tuesday. East Oldham Middle School Principal Jim Ross high-fives a student as she enters the building for the first day of the 2013-14 school year.


  • August's Living Treasure: Donna Russell
  • Shiloh church sponsors seminar on state's Elder Law

    The Shilo United Methodist Church will be hosting a informational meeting for senior citizens or anyone who cares for one.

    Kentucky Elder Law will be giving a practical presentation on the complexities of legal information for seniors. The law office specializes in clearly explaining the legal process of Medicare and Medicaid as well as wills, guardianships and nursing homes.

    The meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. and will be held at the Shilo Methodist Church located in Goshen.

    For more information contact Cheryl at the church at 417-8243.

  • New publisher ready to fill 'big shoes' left behind

    I know I have some very big shoes to fill. I never knew Tony Cotten, but he did leave me an inheritance.

    Just one week into the job as publisher here at The Oldham Era, I’ve heard so many wonderful comments about Tony.

    “Tony had a big personality.”

    “Tony had a dry wit that would knock you over.”

    “Because of Tony, the dreams of my fourth-grade storyteller’s heart came true.”

  • Experiencing the awesome miracles of God


    Last week I shared a wonderful miracle about an ant that carried a contact lens on a mountain so that it was found and returned to its owner. The experience moved the owner closer to God. 

  • Rival schools? Mom’s got it figured out

    My college daughter and I were chatting on Facebook when, for some reason, she decided to text me. Apparently, it takes two modes of technological communication to equal the satisfaction of one real-life conversation. 

    I responded, “I like how we are simultaneously Facebooking and texting each other. One of these days, you will need to cut the technological apron strings.”

    She asked, “Is that a term you’re trying out for your next book?”

  • Live with ‘abundance’ mentality

    My wife Kathy has taught me many things over the years. One of her greatest lessons is telling me to have an “abundance” mentality.

    In a nutshell, people with a scarcity mind set believe in life, there’s only a limited supply of anything to go around, whether it’s money, opportunities, resources or whatever. They see the world as a pie with a limited number of slices. Once they’re gone, that’s it. As a result, they fight to get their piece of the pie. Once they have it, they protect it.

  • Oldham County Property Transfers
    • Lindsay and Jeff Elrod to Trevor and Suzanne Williams, lot 166, Ashbrooke Residential Community, 6641 Riverbirch Drive, Pewee Valley, $136,000
    • Jagoe Homes Inc. to Tina Koch, lot 30, Majestic Woods, 1235 Royal Ave., LaGrange, $236,000
    • Ballard Hills Development LLC to David and Tiffany Potts, lot 91, Ballard Hills, Smithfield, $88,500
    • Michelle and David Baugh to Joseph and Cheryl Kuprion and Beverly Allen, lot 43, Prestwick Estates, 1928 Prestwick Drive, LaGrange, $226,000
  • What ‘sequestration’ really means for Kentucky

    We may be a little more than halfway through 2013, but in Washington and state governments across the country, the focus is increasingly on federal actions taken in 2011.