Today's News

  • Grant money will fund improvements in Oldham

    Oldham County government is the recipient of several grants to improve local roadways, create sidewalks, add personnel to the county police department and improve utilities. Oldham County Deputy Judge-Executive Paula Gish updated members of fiscal court April 21 regarding stimulus grant applications and funding. The amounts for each of the projects include 10 percent the state is requiring for processing the grants. Oldham County government received grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the following projects: •A

  • NOHS gym project in overtime, almost done

    Basketball season is long gone, but the North Oldham High School gym is almost finished. Oldham County Schools architect Aric Andrews said builders completed the gym floor within the last month and the gym is nearly finished. Principal Lisa Jarrett is waiting on breakaway rims for the basketball backboards.

  • Burn Outside The Lines

    Open burning is prohibited starting Friday through Sept. 30 in areas of Oldham County designated by the Environmental Protection Agency as moderate non-attainment air quality for ozone. 

  • Crystal Lake residents are in a paddlefish predicament

    Since March, 1,000 prehistoric-looking fish have been trolling through Crystal Lake with their huge mouths open, filtering plankton through feather-like screens. They’re called paddlefish for their paddle-shaped snout, which composes about a third of their body length.

  • Officials explore relocating traffic light on Ky. 53, adding turn lane

     Local business owners recently had a chance to review plans for a redesigned Ky. 53 in La Grange.

    During the presentation, Oldham County Planning and Zoning Director Louise Allen said the plan originally focused on Ky. 53 from Interstate 71 all the way to Main Street. Now, the focus is more on the area between I-71 and Parker Drive, the road that connects Ky. 53 to Commerce Parkway and the Oldham Plaza shopping center.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Beaumont family grateful for support

  • OLDA continues negotiations with retail developer

    Members of the Oldham-La Grange Development Authority voted Wednesday to ask county government to foot the bill for a portion of legal fees related to a second round of negotiations with The Hocker Group.

  • Oldham’s recyclables head over the river, down a conveyor

    Maybe you stack your recyclables at the curb to be whisked away by Industrial Disposal.

  • Prospect Latin Preschool will offer summer camp preview

    Prospect Latin Preschool is offering a summer camp preview and open house event for parents and their children, ages 2 to 5, including students entering kindergarten from 3:45 to 6:45 p.m. today (Thursday).  Prospective students and community members are encouraged to attend and become acquainted with PLP. Today’s event offers a preview of activities from all six of PLP’s summer camps.

  • The Nehemiah Principle

     It has been over 100 years since the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, its walls and the temple. When the Persians defeat the Babylonians King Cyrus sets all the deported people free. Nehemiah is in Susa, the capital of Persia during the reign of Artxerxes, serving as the king’s cupbearer. Nehemiah hears a bad report of what is going on in Jerusalem, and fasts and prays. The king sees Nehemiah’s sadness and asks how he can help.