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  • Topix.com ends ‘pay-to-police’ policy

    A website that pulls content from news agencies, offers message boards for readers to post anonymously and then charges victims to remove offensive posts is under fire by the attorney general’s office.

    Attorney General Jack Conway led the effort to stop abuses by Topix.com and Monday, along with 34 attorneys general who signed on to support his efforts, announced that an agreement has been reached with the Internet message board host to improve consumer protections and eliminate the $19.99 fee to expedite review of abusive or inappropriate posts.

  • Moonlit dips land swimmers in district court

    Three teenage boys – two nude and one partially clothed – ran from police early Monday morning after an officer ending his shift heard a group swimming in the county pool.

    As Oldham County Police Sgt. Jimmie Laytham walked to his vehicle about 2:30 a.m. Monday behind police headquarters in Buckner, he heard noise coming from the Oldham County Aquatics Center nearby.

  • Oldham receives $45K in agricultural funds

    The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, chaired by Gov. Steve Beshear, approved $45,278 in Oldham County Agricultural Development Funds for a County Agricultural Investment Program at their June business meeting.

    The Oldham County Farm Bureau submitted a proposal to the Oldham County Agricultural Development Council and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board to provide cost-share incentives to area farmers.

  • Vandals target Oldham parks

    Add Briar Hill Park to the list of local parks damaged by vandalism this summer.

    Oldham Parks and Recreation Director Tim Curtis said two volleyball courts at Briar Hill Park in Crestwood have suffered extensive damage throughout the summer.

    First, vandals cut the nets.

    Next, they sawed down the poles.

    And now, Curtis said, the sand volleyball court is littered with broken glass.

    Unfortunately, vandalism has become a regular occurrence at local parks.

  • Man caught swimming at Hillcrest pool goes to jail

    A 19-year-old man caught swimming after hours at the Hillcrest subdivision swimming pool is now charged with criminal trespassing.

    Police found Max D. Juba, of Newbury, Ohio, swimming at the Hillcrest subdivision pool about 2:30 a.m. Aug. 5 with a 15-year-old girl.

    According to police, the pool is fenced and the gate was locked.

    Juba was housed at the Oldham County Jail until 10:30 a.m. the same day, when he was released on his own recognizance, according to jail officials.

  • Eagle Scout project benefits OCYFL

    BUCKNER – There was little doubt what Chris Amstutz would do for his Eagle Scout project.

    Amstutz, of Goshen, and an alumnus of the Oldham County Youth Football League, has improved the league’s facilities with new landscaping and repair and cleaning of some existing structures at the league complex in Wendell Moore Park.

    “I just thought I would do my project at a place that really meant something to me and a place that would benefit the new kids coming in,” Amstutz said. “I just wanted to make it better if I could.”

  • How do we find life?

     In Matthew 16:24-28 Jesus is teaching the disciples about how the Messiah must suffer and die. He then challenges them to take up their crosses and follow him. 

  • Three ways to forgive

    There are three kinds of forgiveness, all interrelated. There is self-forgiveness, which enables us to release our guilt and perfectionism. There is the forgiveness we extend to others and receive from them, intimates and enemies alike. And there is the forgiveness of God, which assures us of our worth and strengthens us for this practice.

  • Juveniles playing with illegal fireworks may be to blame for school fire

    Investigators believe juveniles playing with fireworks caused a fire Wednesday evening at Goshen Elementary.

    Crews from the North Oldham Fire Department responded to a fire at Goshen Elementary at Hillcrest at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

    The school is located within Hillcrest subdivision.

    NOFD spokesperson Don Dahl said the fire began on the exterior of the building on a loading dock in a pile of wood pallets, cardboard boxes and other refuse.

  • Letters to the editor

    County attorney candidate's reputation stands alone

    To the editor:

    This is a first for me, after 44 years in La Grange, my first letter to the editor.

    I applaud the nine members of the Oldham County Republican Executive Committee in their selection of John K. Carter to replace the late John Fendley as a candidate for Oldham County attorney in the November election.

    As the only local attorney who has worked with every county attorney from George Williamson in 1966 to John Fendley in 2010, I endorse John Carter without reservation.