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  • Honoring sacrifice, service
  • The Edwards' Christmas portrait is a cut above the rest

    This week, Sandy Edwards shares a poem she included with her family's Christmas card.

    Her poem serves as the story behind her family's holiday portrait – namely, the hats worn by two of her four children. 

    "The story behind the Edwards Family Photo

    'Twas one day in October, all was quiet...no sound.

    Not a child was stirring, none could be found.

    When from the garage, there arose such a clatter,

    Then, "Hide this from Mommy!" –  Oh! I knew better!

  • 13 Oldham teachers added to National Board Certified ranks

    Thirteen Oldham County teachers are now part of the National Board Certification ranks, a certification process synonymous with great teaching.

    While state teacher credentialing programs set the basic requirements to teach in each state, National Board Certified Teachers must demonstrate advanced teaching knowledge, skills and practices.

  • Restaurant adds a new flavor to La Grange

    On a scale of one to 100, the owner of La Grange's newest restaurant hopes customers will give it a 119.

    One Nineteen West Main opened the day before Thanksgiving and already has some regulars, said owner Jason Kinser.

    The menu is "American and new Southern," Kinser said, with items like a Kentucky "Haute" Brown, a catfish reuben sandwich, fried pickled okra and a black-and-bleu burger.

  • Task Force ‘like a boat without a rudder’

    After three meetings, members of the Fire and EMS Task Force remain unsure of their purpose.

    “We’re like a boat without a rudder,” said committee member Albert Harrison. 

    Judge-Executive David Voegele formed the committee in July and tasked members with determining if the current fire and EMS models are the most effective and efficient.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Jessica Poteet's class

    Harmony Elementary
    Jessica Poteet's kindergarten class

    Poteet said her wish for her students in 2012 is to have the courage to ask questions and discover answers.  

    "I hope they grow to fill the world with hope and kindness," she said.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Sheri Tabor's class

    Harmony Elementary
    Sheri Tabor's kindergarten class

    Ms. Tabor says her students should be on Santa's nice list.

    "Every day, they try so hard to be good learners and friends to their classmates," she said.

    This season, through the Harmony Helping House, they have shown how important it is to give to others to give them a happy holiday.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Christie Horn's class

    Harmony Elementary

    Christie Horn's kindergarten class


  • Buck Bragging Rights

    Despite five layers of clothing, four hours in the woods left him cold, tired and hungry. But the thought of killing a big buck and showing it off to his friends kept Wesley Yonts in that tree stand on a Friday morning last month.

    Wesley’s patience paid off 15 minutes later, when he killed a 9-point buck Nov. 18.

    “I was shivering,” Wesley said. “We were about to go back to the truck because it was so cold. I just couldn’t take it. But when you know there’s a deer around, you start to warm up a little bit.”

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Amy Beall's class

    Harmony Elementary

    Amy Beall's first grade class

    Beall said her Christmas wish is for her students to have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday!