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  • Dear Santa: Letters from Tamera Wright's class

    Centerfield Elementary teacher Tamera Wright said her wish for her kindergartners in 2012 is to continue hard "and amazing me each day with their fabulous work."

    Wright said her favorite holiday tradition is opening presents with her extended family on Christmas Eve.

    Wright said she has a wonderful bunch of kindergartners who have provided toys and clothes for needy families.


    Dear Santa,

    Ho are you due? Can you bcn me kiklel can dsome sor.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Amanda Feigel's class

    Amanda Feigel's second-grade class

    Locust Grove Elementary


    Dear Santa,

    How are you? I’m feeling happy because it is a new weeck! I would like a Monster hive ds game, because you can be a monster! I would also like a ipod shuffle because it is fun to play with! I would like a Barbe i can be! I would like a teety bear! That is all I have!

    How are you doing good or bad? Santa you are my favorite! Merry Christmas Santa! How are your elfs?

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Ann Cannon's class

    Ann Cannon's second-grade class

    La Grange Elementary


    Dear Santa,

    I want a iPod-touch for Christmas. And I need it so I won’t have to play with my mom’s phone. And I want a campus bag cup and hoody. They are pink with a blue paw print with UK. And last but not least Cookie my walking and talking dog that has a purple dog toy.

    Love, Allie H.


    Dear Santa,

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Traci Nethery's class

    Traci Nethery's First Grade Class
    Locust Grove Elementary

    Dear Santa,
    Are the elves working really hard to make the toys? You are the boss, Santa Claus! I like you because you give toys to little kids. This year for Christmas I want an iPad, army men, a helicopter, a stuffed animal dragon, and a jet. I have been good this year.
    Have a safe flight,
    Kyle Cooper

    Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I want an iPade, iPode toch and an iphon and an elf on the shelf girl that has the book to and a DSI. How is your day going today? I hope it is a good day. I love you Santa Clase.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Kasey Anderson's class

    Harmony Elementary teacher Kasey Anderson said her wish for her first-graders is simple.

    "Today and everyday, I wish my students happiness.  I wish them health," she said. " And I wish that all their dreams come true!"

    Anderson said her favorite holiday tradition is going to her grandfather's house on Christmas Eve to celebrate with family.

    This year, Anderson is expecting a special Christmas gift.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Bobbie Stoess' class

    Crestwood Elementary teacher Bobbie Stoess said she hopes her students have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a happy 2012. 

    Stoess said her favorite holiday tradition is hosting lunch on Christmas Day with all of her family gathered together in the dining room and using her colorful Christmas china.

    Stoess said her students have been very nice this year.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Kelly Eaton's class

    Crestwood Elementary teacher Kelly Eaton said her wish for her first-graders is that they are safe and know love.

    Her favorite holiday tradition is attending Christmas Eve service with family.

    Eaton's students have been nice by helping others.

    "We have had several students out sick, and when these students return, they all help the returning students finish their crafts," she said.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Candy Tackett's class

    Camden Station Elementary teacher Candy Tackett said her wish for her kindergartners is that they know they are each special in their very own way!

    Tackett said her favorite holiday tradition is selecting a Christmas tree with her family.

    During winter break, she plans to "spend lots of time with my precious family!"

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Debbie Teague's class

    La Grange Elementary teacher Debbie Teague said she hopes her first-graders continue the impressive learning taking place in their classroom.

    Her favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies and leaving them for Santa.

    This season, her students have shown a caring attitude, put forth their best effort,  owned their own behavior and  treated others with civility.

    During winter break, Teague said she plans to rest, relax, rejeuvenate.

  • Dear Santa: Letters from Erin Wilson's class

    Locust Grove Elementary teacher Erin Wilson said her wish for her kindergartners in 2012 is for them to be the best they can be.

    Her favorite holiday tradition is spending time with family and friends.

    She's sure her students are included on Santa's nice list. Her students have focused on the reason for the season and giving to others in need.