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  • Cultural sensitivity

    Facing conditions we would like to change, letting go of people we wish were different, takes growth, patience, tolerance. We’re so easily enticed into thinking we’d be happier, “If only they’d change,” or “If I had a better job,” or “If the kids would settle down.” Yet we carry the seed of happiness within us every moment. Learning tolerance and being culturally sensitive for all conditions will nurture that seed.

  • South Oldham boys and girls soccer drops home matches this week

    CRESTWOOD — South Oldham girls soccer is searching for offense. The South Oldham boys soccer team has plenty, but both teams are searching for answers coming off losses this week at Dragon Stadium.

    Both teams have just three home games remaining heading into the toughest part of their schedules.

  • OCS Board discusses tax rate






    In the regular Oldham County Schools Board of Education meeting last Monday, Interim Superintendent Rick McHargue recommended that the rate of 76.5 cents per $100 of assessed property value should stay the same for the new school year.

  • Joggin' for a cause
  • Prodigal Ministries to host 8th annual Christmas in September

     Prodigal Ministries, a program that provides services for people recently released from prison, will be holding its eighth annual Christmas in Sept. fashion show and dinner on September 10.  

  • How would you describe God to someone?

    How well could you describe God to someone else? Where would you start?
    What metaphors would you use to help someone understand who God is? Whether we use the metaphor or not, I think a lot of the ways many Christians view God is best described as a celestial grandfather.

  • Prayers for journalists
  • ‘I see London, I see France...’

    I’m sitting here in the new house, boxes stacked to the ceiling; a virtual maze of corrugated cardboard and Sharpie ink which is sometimes the only indication of which room I have entered.
    “The kitchen must be here somewhere. Ah yes, here it is! I can tell because this wall of boxes stacked higher than my head reads ‘silverware,’ ‘cookie sheets,’ and ‘underwear drawer.’”
    “Wait a minute. Is this the kitchen or the bedroom?”

  • Good culture causes growth

    By Tom McShane
    The 2015-16 school year is well underway now, and for most parents, the dust is beginning to settle.
    If you have one or more children enrolled in school, you know what I’m talking about. Just to prepare them for the basics can be daunting, and taxing, both emotionally and on the pocketbooks. Keep in mind, however, there is hardly a greater investment you can make than in the foundation of your child’s intellectual growth.

  • Librarian at Luther Luckett recognized

    Mary D. Morgan, Librarian at the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in La Grange was recently recognized by receiving the Exceptional Service Award from the ASLCA, the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, a division of the American Library Association. It is a diverse organization of librarians and support staff who work in specialized libraries such as state agencies and prisons.