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  • Collett to head police patrol division
  • God loves us through our pets and animals

    An old dog wandered into a man’s yard. He was clearly well fed and had a collar, and after the man patted him on the head the old dog followed him into the house, walked down a hall, curled up in a corner and fell asleep. An hour later he went to the door and the man let him out.
    This continued for several weeks and so the man pinned a note to the collar that read, “I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog is, and whether you were aware he comes to my house every day to take a nap?”

  • Locate your trees thoughtfully

    There has been a great deal of concern with regards to trees, the presence and the lack thereof. City, county and local governments and private organizations have all taken a giant leap in the last 10 plus years with regards to the importance of trees. Even utility companies have to take a lead position to prevent power and water outages, which become costly to businesses as well as consumers.

  • Cultural sensitivity

    Facing conditions we would like to change, letting go of people we wish were different, takes growth, patience, tolerance. We’re so easily enticed into thinking we’d be happier, “If only they’d change,” or “If I had a better job,” or “If the kids would settle down.” Yet we carry the seed of happiness within us every moment. Learning tolerance and being culturally sensitive for all conditions will nurture that seed.

  • North Oldham opens up offense in 45-6 route over Oldham County

     BUCKNER — North Oldham knew at the beginning of the week what it was going to run for its first play on offense against county-rival Oldham County.

    Since the Mustangs only completed one pass in their season opener, it was time to set the tone early through the air.

    North did that and kept it going for 60 minutes in a dominating 45-6 win over Oldham County Friday night in Buckner.

  • Have you found your place in the sun or Son?

    Have you ever heard someone talk about finding their place in the sun? It means that a person finds a job or a situation that makes them happy and provides lots of money and fame so they feel important.
    It comes from the German foreign policy of Kaiser Wilhelm II, who would lead Germany and the world into World War I. Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to transform Germany into a global power through aggressive actions and a large navy to project German power.

  • Urban camping trip

    I might have mentioned before, at least once or twice, that I’m not much of a camper.
    My camping experiences have been limited to sleeping in a tent one night on the corner of a friend’s deck, two nights at my daughter’s scouting event and 10 extremely stressful nights in Haiti umpteen years ago.
    But none of those excursions were really like true camping. Other people did all of the planning and cooking. I just showed up and did what I was told.

  • Giving vs. getting
  • County has made strides in education

    By Helen E. McKinney
    Oldham County History Center
    Prior to 1838, very little recorded evidence exists on the history of education in Oldham County. What information does exist should make today’s students glad they live in the 21st century.

  • Gatton students study abroad

    Gatton Academy students have returned home following a 23-day study abroad program to London and Harlaxton College in Grantham, England, including local student Rohan Deshpande (’16) of La Grange.