Today's News

  • Goshen: Large number of reported acts of vandalism



    The City of Goshen discussed the large number of reported acts of vandalism around its community on the night of Dec. 20, at its commission meeting last Monday night.

    Mayor Bobby Thacker said many Christmas decorations were destroyed and homes egged in five locations around the Rollingwood and Hollendale areas.

  • Prospect City Council recognizes fire department, scouts

     The Prospect City Council recognized the Harrods Creek Fire Department for its quick action and unique certifications at its meeting on Dec. 14.  

  • Veterans Memorial Park to Start Construction

     Veterans Memorial Park of Kentucky, Inc. is being built in Crestwood.  Construction is beginning this winter with the Park’s dedication planned for next fall.

  • Vaccinations suggested in wake of whooping cough outbreak

     An outbreak of whooping cough in northern Kentucky points to the need to have children inoculated against pertussis – and for adults to have a booster shot.

    Thirty-one cases of whooping cough have been reported in the Northern Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell, Grant and Kenton since the first of November.  Most of the cases have been in school age children age 10 and older, and a few parents of school-aged children.

  • Cancer Society offers free services

     Each year, the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Information Center (NCIC) receives about 800,000 calls, emails and chats from people who are in need of answers – they may need information and support, or they may want to volunteer or make a donation.

     Those contacts lead to more than 1.7 million services being provided. Phone lines are open around the clock, 365 days a year, to ease fears and give people all the answers they need about cancer.

  • Red Cross requests blood donations for national blood donor month

     This January, during National Blood Donor Month, the American Red Cross encourages people to roll up their sleeves to give blood to help maintain a sufficient blood supply for patients.

  • Very little to worry about

     Why don’t I feel good?  

    When will I get where I want to be?  

    Did I do the right thing?  

    Why am I not understood, and why can’t I be more understanding?  

    How do I make the right decision?  

    How do I overcome my fear?  

    What if I don’t fit in?  

    Am I good enough?  

    What if I end up all alone?

  • Making New traditions

     On Sunday, the eve of Hudson Charles’ eighth birthday, we got to spend the entire day together.  I don’t get a lot of one-on-one time with this boy, the youngest of my five children, so the unexpected time alone was a delightful surprise.  

    While having lunch at the kitchen counter, he talked non-stop about his upcoming birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. 

  • Public Records

     La Grange Police


    Katherine Moorhead, 55 of Crestwood — cited and released Dec. 15 for theft by unlawful taking under $500 (shoplifting)


    Jessica L. Dwinnells, 21 of Milton — cited and released Dec. 16 for failure to maintain required insurance; no registration plates; and no tail lamps


  • The blessing of holy fear

     Perhaps you had a late night when you were on a date and found yourself on lover’s lane. There is kissing and maybe touching. You wonder how far this is going to go.  What was your greatest fear?  

    Most people would say it was getting caught. What if someone recognized the car you were in?  What if blue lights started flashing? What if someone you knew, like your dad, showed up to shine a light in the car and see what was going on? What does God think?