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  • Pratt: Sunrise on Derby Day

     LOUISVILLE - I’m a sucker for sunsets.

    The view from the front porch of my home in Tennessee is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You could make a photo album of 365 sunsets in a year and be in awe of the view of each. But my dad has always said you’ll appreciate the sunrise more than the sunset. To follow that, I’ve been told a sunrise at Churchill Downs will take your breath away.

  • Pratt: First Oaks complete, bring on the Derby

    LOUISVILLE - You always hear stories about the infield. They say it’s a different world out there. When I sent a text to a friend of mine telling them I was on my way, they responded with “prepare yourself.”

    Once again, I showed my rookie cards and asked someone how to get to the infield. I find a security guard to ask how I get there.

    He smirked. Not a smirk like he thought I was an idiot, but a smirk that said “clearly you’ve never been here before.”

  • Pratt: A first-time perspective of Churchill Downs

     LOUISVILLE - No one from Louisville is really from Louisville.

    That’s what I’m told by the bus driver at 7 a.m. on my way to Churchill Downs on Friday.

    He’s right in a sense. I’m not from here and neither was he. Neither were the other two media gentlemen I sat with at the front of the bus. I don’t know the bus drivers name, but I knew he wasn’t from around here by his accent.

  • A prayer for healing among our churches
  • Letters to the Editor

    Chance’s  Chance
      In your paper you have had a couple of articles on Chance, the husky.  I am the lucky person who got the incredible opportunity of bringing him into his new forever home.  He is a remarkable dog and is doing great.  If you did not know his story, you would never know that he is blind.  As I write this letter, he is asleep at my feet.  

  • The eight be-attitudes of marriage

    My wife Kathy and I were married on February 17, 1990.  During our sacramental celebration we expressed to one another and to the congregation our “eight be-attitudes of marriage.”
    What really makes a marriage work?  Marriage is far too complex for one simple answer or secret.  For us the following eight be-attitudes express the features of a good marriage.

  • Community briefs -- April 30, 2015

    Grin and Bear It 5K
    On Saturday, May 16. Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in La Grange will host its annual Grin and Bear It 5K Run/Walk. Proceeds benefit the institution’s unique Bears Behind Bars program in which inmates make teddy bears that are given at no cost to local and state first responders. They in turn give them to children affected by crises such as house fires, automobile accidents, domestic violence situations, etc.

  • Historic Dress: A special program by Jo Ross

    Jo Ross has spent 48 years in the fashion industry learning the ins and outs of fast-paced runway shows, working internationally to produce shows in places such as Peru, Prague and Mexico, reporting on fashion for local newspapers and TV stations and curating costume exhibits for many local museums. In all that time she has learned a wealth of information she often shares with others through special programs relating to the textile industry.

  • Hermitage Farm to host Derby Gala event

    Hermitage Farms in Goshen will be the scene of the Hermitage Grand Gala, a star-studded Derby Eve party this Friday, May 1.
    The party is a joining of Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, founders of 21c Museum Hotels, and Junior Bridgeman, President of Bridgeman Foods.

  • School briefs -- April 30, 2015

    La Grange honor      student