Today's News

  • 2015 Oldham County Fair Pageants

    Each night of the Oldham County Fair, held July 28 through Aug. 1 at the Oldham County Fairgrounds, featured a different pageant. Here are pictures of the winners.

  • La Grange hopes to build splash park

    By Amanda Manning, Oldham Era Intern

    City council member and former mayor Bill Lammlein is currently working on building a splash park in Wilborn Park in La Grange. 

  • Prospecting for history

    Prospect’s City Council has created a project that aims to construct a book about the history of the city.  

    Sandra Leonard is the head of the committee in charge of the project.  

  • Wells stars in fantasy

    John Wells, local actor and personal trainer, will be appearing in “The Rangers,” a 60-minute production that will be screened at FandomFest in Louisville on Aug. 8.  

  • Quilt, Chat, Laugh

    By Amanda Manning, Oldham Era Intern

    Inside a room on the left in the La Grange community center are 30 retired women sitting around long white rectangular tables. Sprawled out over the white tables are sewing machines, pieces of fabric, paper printouts of designs and cut out crochet designs.

  • Recent flooding in Prospect leads to talks with MSD

    During the July 20 Prospect City Council meeting, council members raised concerns about damage due to recent flooding.  

  • Collett to head police patrol division
  • God loves us through our pets and animals

    An old dog wandered into a man’s yard. He was clearly well fed and had a collar, and after the man patted him on the head the old dog followed him into the house, walked down a hall, curled up in a corner and fell asleep. An hour later he went to the door and the man let him out.
    This continued for several weeks and so the man pinned a note to the collar that read, “I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog is, and whether you were aware he comes to my house every day to take a nap?”

  • Locate your trees thoughtfully

    There has been a great deal of concern with regards to trees, the presence and the lack thereof. City, county and local governments and private organizations have all taken a giant leap in the last 10 plus years with regards to the importance of trees. Even utility companies have to take a lead position to prevent power and water outages, which become costly to businesses as well as consumers.

  • Cultural sensitivity

    Facing conditions we would like to change, letting go of people we wish were different, takes growth, patience, tolerance. We’re so easily enticed into thinking we’d be happier, “If only they’d change,” or “If I had a better job,” or “If the kids would settle down.” Yet we carry the seed of happiness within us every moment. Learning tolerance and being culturally sensitive for all conditions will nurture that seed.