Today's News

  • Mother left big shoes to fill

     What could one say about a woman who has accomplished so much in a lifetime?  How could one describe her?  Mother, daughter, sister, friend, confidant and teacher – the list is endless.  I have lots of opportunities to look up to my mom.  She doesn’t consider herself a superwoman, but I do.  She does more in one day than most of us do in week.

  • Enjoy the spring with a run

     Yep, it’s spring alright. Warm golden sunlight, jade green grass, fluorescent green leaves, electric blue sky with spotless white clouds.

  • Still got a lot to learn

     There are some things I need to learn before I become a mom, which is good because it’s not something that’s happening any time in the near future. 

  • Letters To The Editor

    Officials lack vision for county’s future To the editor: I am disheartened by Oldham County officials’ lack of vision when it comes to the county’s future.  At a time when people in ever-increasing numbers are seeking out locally grown foods and a slower pace of life – attributes which still abound in Oldham County – our leadership is focused on stale planning models that are out of sync with current trends.

  • A memorable month: May is a time to honor loved ones and those who served our great nation

    May is a month filled with occasions to display respect, duty, reverence and honor.

    National Day of Prayer is May 6; Armed Forces Day is May 15; Mother’s Day is May 8; the primary election is May 18 and Memorial Day is May 31.

  • Longtime senator faces former judge-exec and a political newcomer

    The three candidates for state Senate District 26 have common goals.

    Among them, roads, the equine industry and not increasing taxes on residents of their district. Something else the candidates have in common? They’re all three Oldham residents.

    Senate District 26 covers Carroll, Henry, Oldham and Trimble counties. The district also covers several precincts in Jefferson County.

    The candidates reside in different areas of the county.

  • BREAKING NEWS: 45 cats confiscated from Crestwood apartment

    At least 45 malnourished cats — including five litters of kittens — were confiscated Thursday afternoon from a two-bedroom apartment at Graham Village, off Ky. 22 in Crestwood after animal control officers found they'd been surviving largely off uncooked macaroni for the past four days.

    Their owner, a 40-year-old woman who officials declined to identify, had apparently been hospitalized and unable to care for them.

  • Gish is ‘an investment promising a high-yield’

    To the editor:

    How encouraging to have Paula Gish running foreeOldham County judge-executive!ee

  • Fendley has ‘excellent record,’ ‘outstanding reputation’

    To the editor:

    This letter is written to strongly urge the re-election of John Fendley as Oldham County Attorney. John has an excellent record and an outstanding reputation. He has the even-handed, no-nonsense approach to problem solving so necessary to correctly fill this position.

    I admire and respect John. He is a man of honor and integrity. He is worthy of our trust and well qualified to serve. It is important that we all vote but, moreover, we need to vote for the best candidate. I sincerely believe the best man for the job is John Fendley.

    Bill Eversole

  • Gish has ‘proven leadership required’ to be county’s next leader

    To the editor:

    As the May 18 primary election approaches I am asking the electorate to vote Paula Gish for judge-executive. She is the only candidate with the necessary experience and proven leadership required of Oldham County’s next leader.

    Paula started serving this county in our schools as president of three PTAs.eeShe was then elected to fiscal court where she served the people of Goshen and Prospect for 11 years. Now, Paula is serving the entire county as deputy judge-executive.ee