Today's News

  • Truck smashes into Era sign

    An unexpected visitor crashed outside The Oldham Era late Tuesday night as staff members completed the Jan. 27 edition of the newspaper.

    The driver told police that as he turned left from Washington Street onto Ky. 53 (First Street) that he swerved to Dodge a vehicle traveling without headlights toward Main Street.

    The truck crashed into The Oldham Era's sign.

  • Train strikes car in Pewee Valley

    A Crestwood man is recovering from injuries he suffered after he crossed in front of a train at Central Avenue in Pewee Valley and the train pushed his vehicle from its path.  
    The collision occurred about 5 p.m. Monday as 82-year-old Hershel Finney of Crestwood drove through the Central Avenue (Ky. 362) crossing toward Ky. 146 in front of a CSX train traveling westbound.

  • GINGER: Field trip marks day that changed family's life

    I recently took my two youngest children on a field trip to the fire station. My son was especially enthralled with the big engines, and could hardly believe his good fortune at being allowed to run his hand along the shiny red fenders, and take a turn sitting in the driver’s seat. It brought to mind my first fire station field trip on a day forever etched into my memory.  

  • Controlled Shutdown

    As snow filled the parking lot of Baptist Northeast Hospital in LaGrange Thursday afternoon, the second floor conference room of the hospital filled with community leaders and hospital administrators. They gathered to discuss the future of Oldham County's only Community Care facility for low-income people without health insurance.

  • Centerfield Elementary: Zach Thorne

    What’s the best lunch, one packed by your mom or bought at school? What is it?
    I like to buy, when they have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

    What is the first thing you do when you get home from school?
    Sit down and watch TV.

    Favorite thing you did over the summer:
    Played baseball, I play third place.

  • Camden Station Elementary: Zachary Snow

    What do you like to do for fun?

    Governor’s Cup and typing out stories.

    Favorite song:
    “Kung Foo Fighting.”

    Favorite part of the school day:
    Writing. Right now I’m typing a story on my computer at home.

    What do you like best about your teacher?
    She’s super cool.

  • East Oldham Middle School: Jo Griffin

    Favorite thing about school:

    Last book you read:
    “Woods Runner.”

    Last movie you saw:

    What are you looking forward to most about the grade you’re in this year?
    The car unit, where we get to build our own cars.

  • Crestwood Elementary: Katie Kernen

    What do you like to do for fun?
    Play on my computer.

    Favorite song:
    “You’re the Reason Why.”

    Favorite part of the school day:

    What do you like best about your teacher?
    She’s nice.

    Favorite place in your school?
    Mrs. Stoess’ room.

  • Oldham County High School: Kaitlin Lacefield

    Favorite thing about school:
    Science - anatomy.

    Last book you read:
    “Truth About Forever.”

    Last movie you saw:
    “The Karate Kid.”

    What do you think will be your hardest class this year?
    AP English 3.

    What will be your easiest class?

  • East Oldham Middle School: Ben Whalin

    Favorite thing about school:
    I like that I get to be with my friends.

    Last book you read:
    “Skeleton Creek.”

    Last movie you saw: