Local News

  • Don't drink the water: Boil water advisory issued for Oldham

    Customers of the Oldham County Water District are now under a boil water advisory due to a mechanical failure overnight. eeOCWD Superintendent Russ Rose said the malfunction has been repaired but the advisory will be in place at least 24 hours as questionable water is flushed from the system. eeNo contamination has been confirmed and the advisory is a precaution, he said.

    Rose said he isn't sure when OCWD customers – roughly 7,500 across the Oldham County area – will be cleared to drink tap water. Officials are taking water samples to see if it is safe to drink.

  • Suspect in Circle K robbery made similar stops in New Albany and Clarksville, Ind.

    Police believe a suspect in a recent food mart robbery in Crestwood is responsible for a string of  robberies on both sides of the Ohio River.

    Oldham County Police have a warrant to arrest Yancie Odell Hunter, 22, of Corydon, Ind., for an Aug. 23 robbery at the Circle K food mart in Crestwood.

    Surveillance photos show a man who fits Hunter's description at the register with a gun on the counter and facing a clerk who is holding his hands up.

    Hunter allegedly left with $160 the clerk surrendered from the register.

  • Ironman website attacked during Sunday’s race

    Ironman fans around the globe encountered difficulty while trying to access Ironman.com and IronmanLive.com’s tracking functions Sunday.

    The sites allow users to track athletes as they complete in the triathlon.

    Many local fans reported their difficulty in accessing the site Sunday.

    Both sites were the target of a cyberattack designed to deny users access to the website, which made it difficult for fans to follow the progress of participants at Ford Ironman Louisville and Subaru Ironman Canada.

  • Rope swing on river is hazard to public

    In late July, the North Oldham and Westport fire departments responded to a call on the Kentucky side of 18-Mile island on the Ohio River for an injured woman who had been using a rope swing at the water’s edge.

    She landed in shallow water under the rope.

    Her injuries are severe enough to warrant a lengthy hospitalization and even longer rehabilitation period.

    She was lucky.

  • Attack alleged in River Bluff

    After a stroll through his neighborhood ended with a trip to the hospital, a River Bluff man has filed a complaint against the owners of two Rottweilers he says attacked him.

    Irvin Besser wants to warn others of his attack, he said, in hopes he’ll prevent them from a similar fate.

    While taking his 10-pound schnauzer for a walk on Apple Tree Lane Aug. 21, Besser said he ran into a neighbor walking two Rottweilers. He said he noticed how the large dogs seemed to be pulling the teenager up the hill.

  • One-day clinic provides helping hand

    Four-year-old Jorge Diaz squirms as scissors  glide across his hair. His tiny Velcro “Spiderman” shoes uncomfortably shift beneath him with each additional clip.

    Tracy Diaz, his stepmother, shakes her head.

    “He’s not very good at this,” she says as she holds up young Jorge’s squirming head so the hairstylist can continue cutting his hair.

    Tracy and Jorge, along with about 400 other patrons, came to the first annual Oldham Clinic, which was held Saturday at the James T. Beaumont Community Center.

  • School board raises taxes 2.99 percent

    In a 4-1 decision, the Oldham County School Board raised the 2010-2011 general fund tax rate to 68.9 cents for every $100 of assessed property. The hike, roughly 2.99 percent higher compared to last year’s rate, marks the first time the board has increased taxes since 2007.

  • Audit of sewer district shows liabilities, misrepresentations from past year

    Sewage treatment is a messy job. Cleaning up the Oldham County Sewer District’s finances is just as messy, and a task that took two years to complete.

    A recent audit has prepared district officials to move forward with a conservative financial outlook.

    Board members asked the auditor to look at issues they could have reported more conservatively in the past – namely, capacity fees.

  • News in brief

    Event provides proper drug disposal

    Law enforcement officials from the Oldham County Police Department and the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office will be participating in a national effort to discard unused medications later this month.

    The event is scheduled 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at La Grange Fire and Rescue Station No. 2 on Ky. 146 in Buckner and the North Oldham Fire Department on Ky. 1793 in Goshen.

    Officials hope to collect expired, unused, or unwanted pharmaceutical controlled substances and other medications from the public for proper destruction.

  • Where there’s smoke, there’s a sewer line

    Sometimes an overreaction is a good thing. Just ask Joe Spoelker.

    A few weeks ago, Spoelker and several other Apple Patch staff members discovered a steady stream of smoke seeping from an electrical outlet inside one of their offices.

    A puzzled Spoelker and staff scrambled to evacuate the facility and uncover the culprit of the smoke.

    They felt the walls for excess heat. Nothing.

    They searched the facilities to pinpoint a possible location. Nothing.

    Little did they know, this smoke was harmless.