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  • Despite $220,000 deficit, school board keeps tax rate

     School district tax rates will remain the same, despite a $220,000 projected deficit.

    Oldham County Board of Education members unanimously agreed Aug. 10 to keep the current rate of 68.9 cents per $100 of property value.

    Retaining the current rate will cause the district’s revenue to be $219,000 less than the 2012-13 estimated budget, said Randy Davis, the district’s assistant chief financial officer.

  • Mayor scraps proposal for 1% tax on employee wages

    UPDATED >>> Mayor Bill Lammlein announced today (Thursday, Aug. 16) that he is taking the compensation tax off the table.

    "I'd like to give my city council members more time to find other ways to resolve this fiscal issue," he said.

    The proposed ordinance will not be on the Sept. 4 city council agenda.


    If you work in La Grange, you may soon pay a tax on your wages to the city.

  • La Grange council to discuss proposed compensation tax Monday

    If you work in La Grange, you may soon find yourself paying a compensation tax to the city government.

    La Grange City Council is considering adding a 1 percent occupational tax to help pay down the city's bond used to purchase Oldham Reserve.

    The $6 million bond is now $8.2 million including interest, and payment is due in two years.

    The tax will be levied on each person working inside city limits. Under state law, some businesses are exempt, including banks, election workers and life insurance companies.

  • La Grange Fire & Rescue relocates to new station on Ky. 53

    Aug. 4 was an emotional day for Jim Sitzler, chief of La Grange Fire and Rescue, as he welcomed people to the department’s new main station.

    “I get a little choked up,” Sitzler said. “I’ve been on since ‘76 and I’ve seen the old and the new.”

    Members of the department and its board, local officials and local residents attended the dedication of the new station, located on Ky. 53 near Madison Avenue.

  • Program designed to boost reading skills

    More than 40 Oldham County teachers hit the books Friday as part of the district’s new Reading Academy.

    The two-semester program was designed in conjunction with Bellarmine University and will improve teacher understanding and capabilities in reading instruction, said Amy Grimm, the district’s intervention coach.

    Grimm’s focus is on improving reading skills across the district through the new academy and other programs.

  • County to test new emergency notification system

    Oldham County Emergency Management will be conducting a county-wide test

    of the new emergency notification system on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 2 p.m.


    This test will include voice calls, texts and emails to all home and cell phone

    numbers, text message and email addresses of everyone who has either signed

    up through CodeRED or who was already registered in our previous system.

  • Crestwood man headed to jail for mutilating kitten

    A Crestwood man has admitted to mutilating a tiny kitten and now, he's headed to jail.
    Tanner Hublar, 18, appeared in Oldham district court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to his involvement in the death of a kitten June 15.
    His court appearance included a packed audience of animal lovers wearing ribbons marked "Chandler's Prayer" and carrying signs to express their anger against animal cruelty.
    Chandler is the name of the kitten stolen from the barn of Lynn and Gordon Robinson with three other kittens in mid-June.

  • Jeep runs off Commerce Parkway Friday, strikes medical building

    As rain fell Friday morning, La Grange Police officers responded to a car crash at Norton Community Medical Associates on Commerce Parkway.

    A Jeep ran off the road in the turn just before Commerce Parkway ends, then went over an embankment and crashed into the building.

    The Jeep's top came off during the incident, likely when it came down off the embankment, police said. The Jeep scraped alongside the building but no major damage or injuries were reported.

    Oldham County EMS did transport the Jeep's driver to the hospital for minor injuries.

  • Prescription drug abuse killed La Grange teen; four arrested in connection with her death

    Toxicology reports released today show that a 16-year-old La Grange girl's death in February is the result of prescription drug abuse.

    A friend found Summer Leigh Williams, 16, of La Grange, dead on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, at a home on Monroe Street.

    Williams, a junior at Oldham County High School, had spent the night at a friend's house and died during the night. 

  • Three injured in Ky. 53 crash

    Crews from La Grange Fire and Rescue and Oldham County EMS responded to a two-vehicle crash around 9:30 a.m. Friday.

    A Dodge SUV struck a minivan it headed southbound in Ky. 53 at the I-71 south ramp. The SUV was turning left onto the ramp when the crash occured. 

    EMS transported three people to Baptist Northeast Hospital for minor injuries — the driver and passenger from the minivan and the driver of the SUV.

    A young child was in carseat in the SUV's second row and was uninjured.