Local News

  • CSI at school

    A presentation on forensic science at Oldham County High School Wednesday was not for the faint of heart.
    A couple of students looked green about the gills, and a few covered their eyes, heeding La Grange Police Chief Kevin Collett’s warning before he showed a few gory photos.

  • A taste for tofu


    It’s something many of the students in Kirk Thomas’ fourth grade class hadn’t tasted.

    But since Thursday when they cooked stir-fry in nutrition class, it’s something many will be asking their parents to make on a regular basis.

  • Taylorsville woman killed in U.S. 42 crash

    A Taylorsville woman died this morning in a two-vehicle collision on U.S. 42.
    Lois M. Bailey, 68, died after police believe she lost control of her vehicle, spun into the opposite lane of traffic and was struck on the driver's side by a van.
    The crash occurred in the 13100 block of West U.S. 42.

  • Kenwood Station Elementary, East middle damaged by storm

    Heavy winds blew shingles off a portion of Kenwood Station Elementary’s roof in the early morning hours of Feb. 28, leaving underlay exposed and allowing rain to infiltrate the building. Six classrooms were damaged.
    East Oldham Middle School’s roof also sustained minimal wind damage, said Jim Ewalt, facilities director for Oldham County Schools.

  • Deer in headlights

    Whether they’re munching on your tulips, traipsing across your lawn, or loitering in the medians on I-71, deer are a source of contention in our county.
    Some Oldham County residents wish they would disappear, while others enjoy the beauty they bring to our rural landscape.

  • Hail to the chief: Hundreds honor the memory of longtime Westport firefighter

    Westport Fire Chief Chris Stock is remembered for his commitment to the community, his heritage and his family.

    Stock died of a heart attack in his home Feb. 24 after participating in a training exercise.

  • A glitch in the system leads to mistakes in The Era

    I sit here feeling like Bill Belichick after a New England Patriots' loss.

    Humbled, embarrassed and a bit angry, I feel the need to address the mistakes in the March 3 edition of The Oldham Era.

  • Body found in woods in La Grange

    Police discovered the body of a 28-year old Louisville man on a blanket in a wooded area behind 304 Lakewood Drive in La Grange.

    The man, identified as Charles E. Clark, was pronounced dead at the scene by Oldham County EMS.

    The body has been transported to the Louisville Medical Examiner's office to determine cause of death.

  • Storms pass through Oldham

    Oldham County- Severe storms passed through Oldham county last night with high winds and massive downpours. While Henry county and sorrounding areas south and east of Oldham received reports of possbile tornadoes, the damage in Oldham county has been attritbuted to high winds.

  • Watch auditions for the Oldham Icon contest

    A cool rain greeted performers as they entered the Oldham County Arts Center Feb. 24. The event drew talent of all ages during auditions for the second-annual Oldham Icon contest.