Local News

  • Merger will increase value for members

    Throughout the year, the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce and the Oldham County Economic Development Authority have been collaborating to create a unified vision for economic development.  For more than six months, a committee of business leaders worked to analyze the issues, discuss the challenges and brainstorm ideas that would grow the business climate in Oldham County.  Committee members outlined the role and strategies each agency is responsible for within the community.

  • Blood drive planned Tuesday

     American Red Cross will host a blood drive from 2 to 6 p.m. Tuesday at Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church.

    The church is located at 3301 W. Ky. 22, Crestwood.

  • New Smoke alarm regulations

    Members of the South Oldham Fire Department are asking residents if there are smoke alarms installed in each bedroom of their home.  If not, the home doesn’t meet updated requirements for smoke alarm installation.

  • Deadline to file for election is Tuesday

    Time is running out for candidates to add their name to the May 2010 primary election ballot.  Primary candidates, including political party candidates and candidates for non-partisan races, have until 4 p.m. Jan. 26 to file for office.ee Candidates may file at the Oldham County Clerk’s office in La Grange, or submit forms by mail. Documents submitted by mail must arrive by the same deadline.  Offices that file with the Secretary of State include: • U.S. senator; • U.S.

  • La Grange school council meets Wednesday

     The La Grange Elementary School site-based decision- making council will meet in the school library at 3 p.m. Jan. 27. 

    Meetings are open to the public.  

  • Trio of speakers is Most Likely to Take a Stand in 2009

    hey approach the podium with Top 10 lists, index cards and more recently, gifts mocking a magistrate’s recent comments.  Oldham residents Dewey Wotring, Karen Baughman and Russ Morris are the three individuals who spoke most frequently during the public comment portion of Oldham County Fiscal Court meetings in 2009, according to court records.  While they say it’s not their job to speak up, all three believe their presence at meetings is important.  The trio is known for using the four minutes allotted per speaker during pu

  • Beulah Land to host fish fry

    Beulah Land Baptist Church will host a fish fry from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday.  The church is located at 3509 W. Ky. 146, La Grange.  For information, call Ann Marple at 222-0854.

  • History center honors award recipients at ceremony

    The Oldham County Historical Society hosted a program Saturday honoring the 2009 Living Treasures – a partnership with The Oldham Era.  Recipients include Ann Smiser, Ruby Duncan, Lizzie Jumper, Cornelia Nay, Bob Grimes, Mabel Tingle, Doris LeFan, Harry Booker, J.W. Hall Jr., Virginia Stoess and Anne Fields.

  • OCPD reaches agreement with LMPD

    Oldham officials reached an agreement Tuesday so Louisville Metro Police and Oldham County Police officers can effectively assist each other when necessary while  to calls along the Oldham-Jefferson line. As part of the agreement, individuals arrested by LMPD in Oldham County will appear in Oldham district court, just like individuals arrested by OCPD in Jefferson County appear in court there.  “They’re prepared to come if we ask,” OCPD Chief Mike Griffin said. He said OCPD is also prepared to assist LMPD if needed, and th

  • Opennrange to host conceal carry class

    Openrange will host a state-mandated conceal carry class from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.  Openrange shooting sports arena is located in Crestwood. For information, call 243-8282.