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  • What would jesus do with cell phones?

    Our youth group was going through security at an airport on their way to a mission trip. The TSA agent stopped the youth minister with a bit of shock on his face and asked, “Where are all the cell phones?” The youth minister proudly explained that our youth group is an electronic free zone. He smiled and said, “cool!”

  • The path to peace

    For most of my life, I have been seeking internal peace. The Christian scriptures call it “the peace that passeth understanding.”
    Growing up in the church, I was taught that it was something one could attain if they were diligent. But no matter how hard I prayed or worked, or how diligently I followed the rules, true inner peace was never to be found.

  • Places to rejuvenate

    I am an extrovert and draw great energy from being around others. I spend a lot of time giving talks, raising money for Hosparus and consoling and counseling folks. At times I have to get away from all of the above, too. Sometimes it just means going to places that make me feel good. Our world abounds with quiet, free sources of revitalization.

  • Ballingers face new fight

    Over the past two months Oldham County High School sophomore Tristan Ballinger and his family have overcome every obstacle thrown at them after the 16-year-old was critically injured in an accident.

  • La Grange agrees to fund splash park

    At the La Grange City Council meeting last Tuesday, former city council member Bill Lammlein asked for funding for the proposed La Grange Splash Park. 

    Lammlein, who has been advocating for the La Grange Splash Park since July 2015, requested $60,000 from the council.

  • Exploring the past
  • Rep. Osborne voted speaker pro-tempore

    With a new position of authority, legislator David Osborne hopes to bring a businesslike sense to the state House of Representatives.  

    Osborne has been selected as the House Speaker Pro Tempore, a position comparable to the vice president’s relationship to the president.

  • Fleming newcomer in House

    Ken Fleming has been around the world with his family business and taken care of needs at home with a nonprofit, but he is now adding another achievement to his resume: state representative.  

  • Couture Closet celebrates diamond anniversary

    For Oldham County residents who got an engagement ring this holiday season, the trip isn’t long to the nearest bridal shop for that special dress.

    For the last decade, owners Tera Davis and Lauren Montgomery have successfully operated The Couture Closet Bridal Boutique on Main Street in LaGrange. 

  • La Grange man implicated in Henry County shooting

    A fight between two men Sunday night sent three people to the hospital, two with gunshot wounds to their legs.