Yes, even school lunch – there’s an app for that

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Oldham County Schools launches smart phone menu

In a technology driven world, Oldham County Nutrition Services is keeping pace and also leading the charge.

The nutrition program is the first school nutrition program in Kentucky to launch its own mobile menu app. Leigh Anne Peterson, assistant director of nutrition services, said the free app is a new way to communicate with students and parents.

“We’ve taken notice to just how many of our parents and students have their eyes tied to their smartphones,” she said. “We just thought it would be a perfect fit if we could show our menu on those touch devices.”

The smartphone app shows each day’s menu, pictures, descriptions, and lists out allergies contained in the menu item.

Information isn’t limited to parents and students with smart phones.

Nutrislice is also accessible online via http://oldham.nutrislice.com.

“Our nutrition program has made some incredible improvements to our menu and our foods are both extremely healthy and tasty,” Peterson said. “This tool allows us to show our customers how we incorporate whole grains, local fruits and vegetables, and low sodium favorites in our menus.”

The app is optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS5. Mobile app releases are planned for Android users.

Officials have not specified the district’s expense for the new technology, however, according to the Nutrislice website, the program leads to savings for some districts by providing data on popular menu items and other purchasing trends.