What are you thankful for?

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We asked our Facebook friends to complete this sentence, "I am thankful for..." Here are a few of their replies:

Christine Hockersmith...that after almost six years I have found my children and they are home with me! It’s been an amazing year!

Melissa Fink...my kids, my husband and the rest of my family, thankful he has a good job, we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

JD Sparks...the guys I served with in the Marines (and all military) and my Godson Justin Kolman who is serving overseas right now.. they are why my family (which I am also thankful for) can sleep safe at night.

Sabrina Kelley...all the small things in life that don’t get enough credit, like my job, having a roof over my head, food on the table and of course I am very thankful for all of my family, without them I wouldn’t be here today.

Don Acree...my salvation in Jesus Christ

Shonda Hale...my babies, they are wonderful kids and everything God has blessed us with!

Judy C. Chesser...my family and my eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Plus my husband I are so anxious and looking forward welcoming our fourth great grandchild into our family in February 2014. We are truly blessed and so thankful.

Brittany Moser...a family that has supporting me when I was down and push me back up. Without them I wouldn’t be here!

Kathy Thomas Jacobs...my family, friends, a job that I love and especially the opportunity to help others every day.

Beth Allen Davidson... my dad who raised me on wages earned miles beneath a cold, dark, damp mountain mining coal.

Ashley McCaslin... for my daughter enjoying school again (thank you Mrs. Rowe at Centerfield), my husband’s many devoted years to our family and his unconditional love (thank you Daniel), my job and the loving clients and owners i meet everyday at La Grange Animal Hospital..... And i am thankful to live in a community like Oldham County.

Donna Kidwell Sabo...my nephews! They are always willing to help in any situation.

Trisha Davis Perry...my family and friends.

Tammy Harp-Pikago...to have been raised in Westport and 18 Mile Creek Road in the 70s and 80s by an older generation of neighbors that taught us kids respect for them, their property and each other. I am thankful to have been raised by my parents who saw fit to keep me involved growing up in Westport Baptist Church. While I don’t attend anymore I could walk through that door and still be welcome. So thankful for families and friends in small towns, they gave me my strong foundation.

Ashley Dunn Shadburne ...the view of the sprawling horse farm on the corner of U.S. 42 and Rose Island Road as I drive in to work every morning. We live in a serene, peaceful little corner of Kentucky - and for that I’m thankful.