What’s the blessing?

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By Bob Mueller

 At many functions (before Rotary meetings, at wedding receptions and at family gatherings) I am asked to give a blessing. I always find it to be a real honor to give thanks for all good things, for the gifts of people and for the joys of creation.

However, there is another way to look at blessing. Imagine that every person who comes into your life is there to help you grow and learn more about yourself. There is an opportunity to learn and study the blessing in each lesson. Everything in your past has helped you become who you are today. Looking at past situations as pathways to your current understanding of life can help ease the painful burdens of the past.

You have not made any mistakes. You did not do anything wrong. From a spiritual perspective, there is no right or wrong. Everything we do in life is part of a larger picture that helps us create a deeper understanding of who we are. It’s all about the blessing!

When a relationship ends, we can look to the lessons of what we learned from that experience. If we change jobs, we can think about what we learned from our past career. What’s the blessing that helps you with your new role?

We often hang out in the past for two reason: we don’t have resolution or we have expectations that were not met. Past situations that did not work out actually help us learn more about ourselves. What if these situations are preparing you for something more aligned with your true self?

We can train ourselves to see every situation as a blessing. When we see these blessings, we can break up with our past and start dating our future. We welcome in new experience and embrace the present.  

Catch yourself when you slip into the comparison mode instead of the blessing mode.Most of us go through life not realizing we are comparing ourselves to others or holding on to an older version of ourselves. You can bust through this habit and reach happiness by catching the comparison.

There are three ways we compare:

•External comparison, when we compare ourselves to others.  They seem to be prettier, smarter, happier, better, etc.

•Internal comparison, when we compare ourselves to our own self – either a past or future version of ourselves.  

“I am so lazy and dull compared to my younger self,” or “my life is off track.”

•Greed comparison, where you just want more and more and more – money, job, success, etc.

Think about how these comparisons took over and kidnapped your joy and trapped your blessing mode.

Remember, there is a time and place for everything including me and my desires. It’s all about the blessing!




Bob Mueller is the Vice President of Development at Hosparus and a guest columnist for The Oldham Era. For more, visit www.bobmueller.org.