A way with words

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By The Staff

North Oldham Middle School hosted a poetry slam competition for sixth-graders Feb. 2. Students wrote poems and performed their work with each classroom electing a winner. Those seven finalists were part of the Poetry Slam in the school gymnasium. A slam is the competitive art of performance poetry placing focus on not just the writing itself but also on the performance of the words. 

University of Louisville’s Charles Nasby, who works in the theatre department and also teaches multi-age levels the art of poetry slam, started off the celebration with one of his own poems. Nasby joined a panel of judges to choose a winner. Sophie McMurray earned top honors for her poem entitled “My Chocolate Massacre.” 

Slam finalists from are: Harrison Williams, Wes Johnson, Dave Donaldson, Maddie Waits, Sophie McMurray, Jaclyn Ose and Miranda Kehl.