Volunteers sought for veterans council

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If you have an opinion regarding Veterans Administration Services, the Veterans Voices of Kentuckiana, mental health consumer council wants to hear from you.
The council’s purpose is to ensure that all veterans receive the highest quality of services available from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
“We would like to assist you and your family as you transition home by helping you contact service providers for the services that you and your family feel will be of benefit,” the council said in a recent news release.
Right now, the council is recruiting members who are interested in dedicating themselves to helping their fellow veterans.
Prospective members are expected to attend meetings regularly, have about 10 hours monthly to devote to the council’s work, be interested in working constructively toward goals within a group environment and make a commitment to being a member for at least a year.
For information, e-mail
yahoo.com or call (270) 945-1146.
The council’s functions are
•Developing methods of education about mental illness and available treatment;
•Reducing stigma associated with mental illness;
•Assisting consumers and their families in accessing services and coping more effectively with mental illness;
•Exploring current resources in the mental health community and working toward establishing formal or informal sharing agreements; and
•Developing methods of measuring customer satisfaction, advocating for needed changes and setting priorities for recommended changes.
Some services available include individual, group, couple and family therapy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and substance abuse therapy, neuropsychological testing, homeless services, assistance finding jobs and housing and suicide prevention.
“One component of your recovery will be to educate yourself and your family about your illness and medications,” the release said, “You must take the first step. Health care is not passive.”