Voegele launches resident survey

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By The Staff

Oldham County Magistrate David Voegele is asking residents to participate in a public issues survey. The survey is posted on OldhamCountyUSA.com. 

Questions on the survey cover many topics of interest in the county, including election financing, economic and residential development, satisfaction with public services, recreation, as well as other issues that come before fiscal court.

“I think people who will be surprised by some of the questions,” he said. “I tried to be both direct and flexible.” 

Voegele said as an elected official, it’s his responsibility to have a strong sense of the opinion of how county government is doing, and what direction residents see as the future of Oldham County.

The survey has an internal system to identify any attempt to skew certain answers. Voegele said the survey will be open for the next several weeks. 

After he’s had an opportunity to compile results he’ll post them on OldhamCountyUSA.com.