Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

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By The Staff

Five, six, pick up sticks. Seven, eight, how long can we wait? 

A month after a devastating ice storm caused damage throughout the county, local roadways are still lined with piles of limbs and debris. Some readers practically beat The Oldham Era with a stick in September when we gave the county’s plan for curbside debris pick up after Hurricane Ike a Thumbs Down, and our same opinion holds true. Yes, WE AGREE it’s ideal for residents without the ability (or means) to discard debris, and it is easier than discarding debris on our own. But county officials need to amp up the communication about their great service. Residents are getting impatient. Advertise where crews are headed on a weekly basis, post a listing of each day’s pick-up online or at the very least, give us a list of the neighborhoods crews are concentrating on so we can track when they’ll rumble down our street next. A blanket priority list of county roads first, then city roads with state roads last isn’t specific enough – even a schedule by ZIP code would give us a little more patience. County officials say not to call the road department to ask these questions, and we’re fine with that  –  they’re busy picking up a record amount of debris. But please, show us some light at the end of the tunnel.    Local business is alive and well Thumbs Up for local businesses stayin’ alive during this sluggish economy. Oldham County is home to many growing businesses, and those that are expanding to add extra services and locations, more power to you. It’s an encouraging thing for our residents to see.  Thumbs Up to business owners willing to take risk and alter their services in order to survive this economy.    Lawsuit is a poor disguise for a magistrate looking for publicity  In retrospect, there’s a place for The Oldham Era in the ring of this Open Records battle, and next time, we promise to lead the fight. But we’re not about to give Magistrate Scott Davis kudos for a lawsuit that dragged on far too long.  Even after George Rawlings came forward as the anonymous donor, Davis didn’t quit. He might as well have written Mr. Rawlings himself – “Thank you for the money, I am going to waste it.”  We hope Davis is happy with the outcome of his court battle, which is clearly a disguise for a re-election campaign at the expense of Oldham County taxpayers.  Residents of District 6, we’re assuming there’s no other issues of importance impacting your neck of the woods – Davis rarely has anything to say during fiscal court. We normally hear his opinion in a carefully crafted press release.     Thanks to the airport board for ending a long process Thumbs Up to the Oldham County Airport Board for stepping away from the idea for a general aviation airport when survey results showed a majority of Oldham residents aren’t interested. To the airport board members, thank you for your service – we know you’re probably as tired of hearing complaints about the idea as we are of writing about them.    Every month, The Oldham Era’s editorial board gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to several local issues. But you can weigh in too: to submit your thumbs up or thumbs down on a particular issue, send an e-mail to editor@oldhamera.com.