Thumbs up, thumbs down

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By The Staff

Every month, The Oldham Era’s editorial board gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to several local issues. But you can weigh in too: to submit your thumbs up or thumbs down on a particular issue, send an e-mail to editor@oldhamera.com. Please include your full name, address and telephone number for verification purposes.

Both state tennis champions from Oldham - Thumbs UpNorth Oldham’s Lauren Kline and South Oldham’s Eric Quigley made a lot of history and gave the county plenty to be proud of Memorial Day weekend when they swept the state high school tennis championships at the University of Kentucky. They became the first pair from Oldham County to win titles in the same year. In winning his fourth straight state title, Quigley became just the third high school player in state history to accomplish that and is considered one of the best, if not the best player in state history. He will continue his career at the University of Kentucky. Kline, a junior, became the first female player from the county to win a state title and like Quigley, was undefeated and ranked No. 1 in the state through the regular season. Kline finished second in the state as a sophomore and will be the centerpiece of a strong NOHS girls’ team that is expected to challenge for the state team title next season. In addition to their tennis prowess, both are ranked nationally on the summer tennis circuit and both are honor students marking them as true student/athletes and a source of pride for a school system that prides itself on a strong mix of academic and extra-curricular activities.Lunch crunch not very appetizing - Thumbs DownAs gas prices escalate and the economy spirals, this summer would have been the optimal time for Oldham County Schools to be able to tout its free summer lunch program. Unfortunately, because it is not able to meet increasingly strict guidelines, the school district has to give up the federally-funded program that provided free sack lunches in summers past.We feel this program has always provided a safe, fun place for children to go during the summer, and has provided a financial relief to those parents who need it while their children are home. It’s unfortunate that the school district isn’t able to meet the percentage goal for the number of students served who qualify for free or reduced lunches. The district shouldn’t accept this as the norm, and continue to seek support for this program. It is desperately needed in many areas of the county.

They’re not missing the bus, or their ride - Thumbs UpThe Park and TARC lots along Interstate 71 are increasingly full these days, as commuters going into Louisville have started to wise-up to gas prices that exceed $4 a gallon. Many of them are taking advantage of the Oldham County Express service — a public transportation option offered by Transit Authority of River City. Others are utilizing the lot to meet co-workers for a carpooling ride, saving much-needed dollars.Oldham County could only benefit from more public transportation options. The contract between Oldham County government and TARC was recently renewed, but we would urge officials to explore how to get those buses to outlying areas of the county. As the price of gasoline increases, so will the need for our residents to have alternative transportation options.Let it become the wave of our future.