Teen’s question gets Swift answer

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She was looking for a recipe, but Amber Nichter found the chance to communicate with one of country music’s biggest superstars

By Marion Taylor

USA Weekend received thousands of questions submitted online by fans of country music superstar Taylor Swift.

And one came from Crestwood resident Amber Nichter, a graduate of Oldham County High School from Crestwood.

Editors chose only 27 to ask Taylor Swift in their interview for “What if you could ask Taylor Swift anything?”

Nichter described the funny story of how she actually came to submit her question.

“I am pursuing a career in bakery and I saw a recipe that I was interested in on USA’s website when I saw ‘Ask Taylor a question.’”

So she decided to click on the link and ask her question: “When you write songs about your relationships with other people, do you consider what their reaction will be?”

“All I was really looking for was a donut recipe,” Nichter said with a laugh.

A couple weeks after submitting her question Nichter received an e-mail from USA Weekend confirming her personal information, but offering no guarantees.

Nichter didn’t know her question had been selected until a friend called Sunday morning and told her she’s seen Nichter’s name printed in the story.

She immediately went out to get a copy of her own to keep.

When asked why she asked that particular question, Nichter said, “I always wondered, how does she have the nerve? Does she really not care?”

According to the USA Weekend interview, Swift replied, “The only thing I’m thinking about is the person I’m writing about. It’s a little message in a bottle. Sometimes, the purpose of writing it in the first place is what the person will do when they hear it. The fact that other people come into the equation, that happens 50 steps down the line.”

Nichter has kept up with Swift since the beginning of her career and attended her concert last year at the Kentucky State Fair.

She admires that Swift is comfortable in her own skin.
“I think she’s an awesome role model. She’s so original and knows who she is.”

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