Tally Sheet

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By The Staff

ROOKIE LEAGUEBRAVES 11, ORIOLES 6 - The Braves took this one with a six-run sixth inning.Ben Oldham tripled and Chase Berkemejer doubled twice to lead the Braves. Connor Adams, Ethan Ford and Thomas Huefner also doubled for the Braves.DIAMONDBACKS 10, CUBS 8 - The Diamondbacks scored five runs in their final two at-bats to win.Clayton Wilson tripled for the Cubs.REDS 12, CARDINALS 4 - Matthew Baker homered, tripled and doubled to lead the Reds.Derek Harris was nearly as big at the plate for the Reds with a home run and a double. Brandon Hackworth had a triple for the Reds while Nolan Glen and Griffin Snyder doubled.Will Thomas led the Cards with a double.CUBS 7, ORIOLES 3 - Keaton Powell tripled to lead the Cubs.Josh Lang and Clayton Wilson supported him with doubles.The Orioles got doubles from Preston Burton, Mason Donner, David Satterly, Jacob Lacey and Jacob Buechele.TWINS 16, MARLINS 13 - The Twins got off to a fast start with 12 runs in the first two innings and held on.Jack Prolaska led the Twins with a home run and a triple. Austin Reid had a triple. Brandon DeWitt, Ben Reinbold and Colton Potter had doubles.Matthew Pressley had a home run for the Marlins.TIGERS 16, CARDINALS 6 - Cameron McKinney homered to power the Tigers to the win.Jackson Gibson doubled twice and Wyatt Finnell once for the Tigers. William Hanna drove in three runs for the Tigers while Kaleb Canfield had three singles.Ryan McKinney and Drew Bruce doubled for the Cards.ORIOLES 13, ROCKIES 5 - Travis Henderson jacked a triple and a double to pace the Orioles.Kyle Kaelin tripled for the O’s with Jacob Buechele and Jacob Lacey doubling.Ben Cool led the Rockies with a double.TWINS 10, CUBS 8 - Keaton Powell hit a home run and Clayton Wilson doubled and drove in three runs to lead the Twins.Brandon DeWitt doubled for the Cubs.BRAVES 10, TWINS 9 - Cole Fisher tripled and doubled to help the Braves to the close win.Connor Adams had a triple and Ben Oldham two doubles for the winners. Tanner Dehler also doubled for the Braves.Zach Taylor and Zach Young doubled for the Twins.REDS 13, METS 9 - Griffin Snyder doubled three times to pace the Reds.Brandon Hackworth, Eli Cox and Matt Baker also doubled for the Reds.Daniel Murray and Cohen McGubbin doubled for the Mets.REDS 6, CUBS 4 - David Skapyak’s home run powered the Reds.Clayton Wilson had a two-run double for the Reds and Josh Lang tripled.Matt Baugh tripled for the Cubs. Ethan Cox had a double.BRAVES 24, CARDINALS 12 - The Braves scored six-runs in each of the first four innings to win this slugfest.Cole Fisher led the Braves’ attack with two doubles. Ben Oldham, Max McLaughlin and Connor Adams also doubled.Ryan McKinney tripled to lead the Cards. Owen Walker, Will Thomas and John Ague doubled for the Cards.DIAMONDBACKS 20, ORIOLES 9 - Matthew Teague tripled and doubled twice to lead the D-backs.Zach Fuller, Lucas Jones and Bryant Reynolds also doubled for the winners.Travis Henderson led the O’s with a triple and a double. Mason Donner had a pair of doubles while Preston Burton also had a double.TIGERS 15, MARLINS 1 - Nolan Gregg’s triple led the Tigers.Hunter Schoengart, Landon Gregg and Jon Pitts doubled for the Tigers. Landon Gregg and William Hanna each drove in two runs.The Marlins’ Matthew Pressley had a big defensive day throwing out two runners at second base.CUBS 24, CARDINALS 1 - The Cubs scored in every inning to win.Keaton Powell had the big bat with a home run, a triple and a double and three RBIs.Landon Morgan was right behind him with a home run and a double. David Skapyak and Luke O’Hara doubled twice for the Cubs. Joe McRoberts, Cole Wilson, Brandon Lang and Clayton Wilson all had doubles as well.Owen Walker had a triple for the Cards and Ryan McKinney a double.BLUE JAYS 12, METS 5 - Seth Hoagland doubled twice to lead the Jays to the win.Trever Belcher doubled twice for the Mets. Chad Langford and Daniel Murray doubled for the Mets as well.ORIOLES 8, REDS 4 - Travis Henderson’s two doubles led the O’s.Kyle Kaelin and Alex Hancock also came through with doubles.Eli Cox kept the Reds close with a triple and Cameron Rice had a double.CUBS 14, BLUE JAYS 3 - Clayton Wilson tripled while Landon Morgan doubled three times to pace the Cubs.Joe McRoberts and David Skapyak both had two doubles for the Cubs. Luke O’Hara had a two-run double for the Cubs.Zach Larimore tripled for the Jays. Logan Veech and Zach Young had doubles.DIAMONDBACKS 19, BRAVES 7 - Drew Laverty hit a grand slam home run to power the Diamondbacks to the win.Isaha Wynde also hit a home run and a double for the winners. Hunter Thomas tripled twice and Matthew Teague once for the D-backs.Connor Adams led the Braves with a triple.MINOR LEAGUEASTROS 8, REDS 6 - The Astros got the win with a five-run fourth inning.Jaxon Lashley led the Reds with a double.PIRATES 9, DODGERS 5 - Tanner Passifume and Randy Heite doubled as the Pirates took the early lead with a five-run first inning.Joey Hackworth started and got the win for the Pirates.Travis Clark rallied the Dodges with a double. Alec Tindall took the loss.MARLINS 6, DODGERS 5 - The Marlins came back with four-runs in the bottom of the sixth to score the win.Brice Crook led the Marlins with a double and was the winning pitching coming in in relief to record seven strikeouts.Trey Congleton led the Dodgers with a triple and a double. Losing pitcher Grant Larimore had a triple. Travis Clark had a double for the Dodgers.PIRATES 15, CARDINALS 1 - Nick McKinney and Randy Heite doubled as the Pirates cruised to the easy win.Austin Bradley was the winning pitcher.METS 10, ASTROS 3 - Winning pitcher Parker Hennings hit a home run to pace the Mets to the win.Jacob Russell absorbed the loss.REDS 5, BRAVES 1 - Griffin McLarty and Jaxon Lashley doubled to power the Reds to the win.Lashley got the win in relief of McLarty.Kirby Kasischke tripled for the Braves.TWINS 7, CARDINALS 1 - The Twins rode a five-run third inning to score the win for pitcher Jacob Bates.Losing pitcher Grant Williams had a double and six strikeouts. Jon Queenan doubled for the Cards.

MAJOR LEAGUEDODGERS 15, DIAMONDBACKS 3 - The Dodgers busted loose for eight runs in the second inning to coast.Jesse Bradshaw led the Dodgers’ attack with two doubles. Aaron Renner, Cody Valentine, Trace Powell and Alex Coile all doubled. Justin Russell had a triple.Brian Barmantje led the Diamondbacks with a triple.RED SOX 8, CUBS 4 - Josh Ely’s three-run home run powered the Red Sox to the win.Robbie Williamson came through with a triple and a double for the Sox. Zach Hazwell had a double and was the winning pitcher.Logan Dunman had a double for the Cubs. Dunman, Jon Barnes and Lane Bethay combined to turn a double play for the Cubs.INDIANS 7, ROCKIES 5 - Grant Jones homered and doubled to lead the Indians to the win.Luke Wise tripled for the winners. Corey Reinert was the winning pitcher.Tyler London led the Rockies with a triple. Jack Shaller, Nick Reppen and Robbie Carlson all doubled.RED SOX 17, CUBS 1 - The Red Sox scored in every inning to get the easy win.Clay Jennings led the Red Sox with a triple and a double. Josh Ely, Nick Jump, Ross Gowing, Jacob Marcum, Pat Muller and Robbie Wilson all doubled for the Sox. Zach Hazwell was the winning pitcher.Austin Wills and Jon Barnes doubled for the Cubs. Barnes took the loss on the mound.ANGELS 4, CUBS 0 - Winning pitcher Ethan Crabtree hit a home run and struck out eight to lead the Angels.J.R Beatty had a triple and combined with Crabtree to throw the shutout.

SOFTBALLROOKIE LEAGUETHUNDER 15, HEAT 5 - Kayla Congleton hit a home run and doubled to lead the Thunder.Kelsey Kasischke doubled twice for the Thunder. Allison Haun also had a double.Lacy Dennison led the Heat with a triple while Kirby Williamson and Tristan Whalen had doubles.SUNBIRDS 19, BRAKETTES 10 - Megan Snyder hit a home run and doubled to lead the Sunbirds.Karlee Marshall had a triple for the winners while Abbey Russell, Candice Galvan, Taylor Scheller and Elizabeth James all had doubles.Ryen Lashley tripled for the Brakettes and Kendall Clifford had a double.BRAKETTES 18, HEAT 17 - Morgan Crook singled and then stole second, third and home to score the winning run for the Brakettes in the bottom of the sixth inning.Kendall Clifford homered and Kelsey Mountadier tripled for the winners.Erin Huff, Jacklyn Hampton and Madison Junion doubled for the Heat.THUNDER 17, BRAKETTES 6 - Kate Lowry homered twice to lead the Thunder to the win.Morgan Crook tripled and Kendall Clifford doubled in a losing cause.MAJOR LEAGUEBANDITS 9, HEAT 6 - Danielle Neel tripled twice to pace the Bandits to the win.The Bandits also got triples from Tabitha Black, Casey Thorpe and Stallon Grieshaber.Brianne Heid was the winning pitcher.Losing pitcher Kelly Vogel had a home run for the Heat. Shelby Jones, Megan Barmantje and Paige Whittaker also doubled for the Heat.FORCE 6, RACERS 4 - Winning pitcher Bailey Hill doubled to lead her team to the win.Ryanne Shelton had a double for the Racers. Amy Falone took the loss.RACERS 6, THUNDER 2 - Winning pitcher Sam Lane doubled and struck out nine to lead the Racers.Hanna Shirley had a triple for the Racers.Bailey Midaugh doubled for the Thunder.BANDITS 8, RIPTIDE 3 - Danielle Heid tripled as the Bandits scored five-runs in the fifth inning to win.Brianne Heid was the winning pitcher.Alex Schurek had a triple for the Riptide and losing pitcher Kim Roberts had a double.BANDITS 11, HEAT 8 - The Bandits got off to a fast start with nine runs in the first three innings to win.Taylor Gowin and Brianne Heid had doubles for the Bandits. Danielle Neel was the winning pitcher.Losing pitcher Kelly Vogel rallied the Heat with a triple and a double. Karen Ely and Meredith Whitaker doubled for the Heat.