Tally sheet

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By The Staff


Following is an account of action from the North Oldham Little League from the past week as received by The Oldham Era:






HEAT 15, THUNDER 13 - The Heat took the title in extra innings with a two-run eighth inning.

Kallie Sharm led the Heat with a home run. Tristan Whalen had a triple whole Taylor Jackson doubled twice. Emily Lindell also had a double.

Jillian Bailey and Allson Hamm led the Thunder with triples. Lauren Garrett doubled twice. Jackie Hampton, Lilly Akers, Maddie Mason and Lindsay McCabe all had doubles for the Thunder.




HEAT 13, THUNDER 6 - Winning pitcher Kelly Vogel carried the Heat with a triple, two doubles and a single and five RBIs.

Paige Whitaker had a double for the Heat.

Maddie Smith, Kim Roberts and Claire Grice all had doubles for the Thunder.





A’S 9, CARDINALS 8 - Winning pitcher Jacob Bates doubled twice and drove in two runs to led the A’s to the title. 

Bates came in to relieve starter Zach Nicholas who also had a pair of doubles.

J.T. Harris had a double for the Cards.




DODGERS 7, REDS 4 - Winning pitcher Jacob Irwin doubled twice to pace the Dodges to the title.

Alex Coile and Bryce Crook also doubled for the Dodgers.

Griffin Diederick led the Reds with a triple and a double. Trace Powell and Jaxon Lashley had doubles for the Reds.



DODGERS 10, PHILLIES 7 - The Dodgers scored five runs in the top of the eighth inning to win.

Dylan Smith got the win in relief and also had a home run. Bryce Cook had a triple for the Dodgers. Jacob Irwin and Nick Rippen had doubles.

Laymon Durbin led the Phillies with two home runs. Parker Hennings had a double.


REDS 4, PIRATES 2 - Griffin Diederick’s triple helped the Reds advance to the title game.

Max Mueller and Jaxon Lashley had doubles. Lashley and Trace Powell combined to throw a one-hitter for the Reds.

Austin Berger took the loss.



DODGERS 5, REDS 2 - Nick Straughn and Nick Rippen doubled to lead the Dodgers.

Bryce Cook got the win in relief of Jacob Irwin.

Seth Russell doubled for the Reds and had eight strikeouts in four innings of work on the mound.


REDS 8, RAYS 3 - The Reds got doubles from Trace Powell, Max Mueller, Zac Brooks and Jaxon Lashley to coast.

Lashley was the winning pitcher.


REDS 11, CUBS 1 - Max Mueller homered and Travis Clark doubled twice to lead the Reds to the easy win.

Trace Powell got the win and doubled. Jaxon Lashley also had a double for the Reds.




CARDINALS 12, RED SOX 7 - The Cards scored 11 runs in their final three at-bats to win.

Jack Webb led the Cards with a home run while J.T. Harris had a triple.

Juston Lowry got the win on the mound and had a double.

Adam Kent led the Red Sox with two doubles.

Nick McKinney and Preston Burton also had doubles.

A’S 6, ANGELS 1 - Winning pitcher Zach Nicholas doubled twice to push the A’s into the finals.

He was supported by doubles from Max Renner, Hunter Sears and Jacob Bates.



RED SOX 11,  CARDINALS 9 - Winning pitcher Nick McKinney doubled to pace the Red Sox.

Justin Lowery and Jack Webb had doubles for the Cards.


BREWERS 10, DIAMONDBACKS 7 - Trevor Becker tripled and Jake Hampton singled three times to lead the Brewers. 

Ryan White and Austin Volz had two singles each for the Brewers.

Alex Roberts led the Diamondbacks with a triple.

Jacob Dubroja had two singles.

A’S 7, PADRES 5 - Zach Larimore and Zach Nicholas both doubled as the A’s held on to win.

Larimore had three hits on the day.


TWINS 19, REDS 17 - Lucas Jones homered to help the Twins win a


Mike Aubrey, Steven Abney and Jacob Torsch all had doubles for the Twins.

Matthew Teague doubled three times to lead the Reds.

Parker Caudill and Josiah McRoberts also had doubles.

WHITE SOX 13, A’S 8 - Hunter Schoengart and Jacob Buechele each tripled and doubled to lead the White Sox.

Jake Brizendine had two doubles for the Sox. Gavin McCarty also had a double.

Anthony Reynolds led the A’s with a triple.

Zach Young, Grady Rogers and Nathan Funk all had doubles.

TWINS 17, BRAVES 4 - Lucas Jones tripled and Jogan Issacs doubled to lead the Twins to the easy win.

REDS 8, RANGERS 3 - Matthew Teague jacked a home run as the Reds got five runs in the middle innings to coast.

Jack Probaska led the Rangers with a double.



RACERS 7,  FORCE 4 - The Racers scored five runs in the fourth inning to break the game open for winning pitcher Shelby Reinbold.

Reinbold and Bailey Hill each singled twice.

Hill, Reinbold and Kaitlin Brooks combined to throw a three-hitter.

HEAT 5, FORCE 2 - The Heat came on to score four runs in their last two at-bats to pick up the win.

Caroline LeFan got the win in relief of Megan Stringfellow.

Megan Gibson took the loss.



HEAT 9, BRACKETTES 6 - Krissy Williamson’s home run in the top of the first inning got the Heat off to a 4-0 lead they never relinquished.

Williamson drove in four runs on the day. Emily Bell had a double for the Heat.

Rachael Kammer homered for the Brakettes and had four RBIs.

THUNDER 12, RIPTIDE 2 - Kate Lowry homered and Sarah McCabe tripled as the Thunder scored five runs each in the third and fourth innings respective to win going away. 

Taylor Scheller was the winning pitcher.

Caelan Pate led the Riptide with a double.

BRAKETTES 12, RIPTIDE 4 - Alexia Ganote and Rachael Kammer doubled to push the Brakettes to the easy win.

Megan Snyder was the winning pitcher.

Kaitlyn Kidd took the loss.