Tally Sheet

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By The Staff

Following is an account of action from the Oldham County Youth Soccer Association, the Oldham County Thoroughbreds and the Javanon soccer programs from the past week as received by The Era:



Mockingbird Invitational

Javanon 3, Netsurfers – 0; Javanon goals by Olivia Warren 2 and Anna Costelle.

Javanon 7, LSA East 1; Javanon goals by Colleen Koch 2, Ava Tehrani 2, Anna Costelle 2 and Olivia Warren.

Javanon 2, Thoroughbreds 1; Javanon goals by Colleen Koch and Olivia Warren.


Javanon Red 3, Javanon White 2; Red goals by Olivia Warren 2 and Ava Tehrani.


Javanon 5, Frankfort Fury 0; Javanon goals by Cameron Smith, Solomon Mathis, Will Haley 2 and Simeon Salazae.

Javanon 5, LSA 0; Javanon goals by Eoin Griffiths, Will Haley,Simeon Salazar, Cameron Wheeler and Trey Muse.

Brentwood 2, Javanon 1; Javanon goal by Simeon Salazar.

Javanon 6, Gunners FC 0; Javanon goals by Simeon Salazar 2, Eoin Griffiths 2, Cameron Wheeler and Will Haley.

Mockingbird tourney

Javanon 10, Sky White 1; Javanon goals by Summer Conti 3, Amber Sisler 2, Erin Herbert 2, Samantha Shellenberg, Regan Kommor and Lindsey Bobb.

Javanon 6, Net Surfers 0; Javanon goals by Summer Conti 2, Erin Herbert 2, Regan Kommor and Madison Stewart.

Javanon 4, KY Revolution 3; Javanon goals by Regan Kommor 3 and Erin Herbert.

Javanon 6, Nelson Elite 1; Javanon goals by Amber Sisler 2, Regan Kommor 2, Summer Conti and Avery Bodhaine.

Javanon 4, Nelson Elite 0; Javanon goals by Amber Sisler 3 and Regan Kommor.


Javanon 7, Thoroughbreds 0.

Javanon 1, Mockingbird 1; Javanon goal by Julia Hodge.

Javanon 7, Tri State 0; Javanon goals by Abigail Zoeller 3, Claire Fell, Julia Hodge, Shelby Sisler, Catherine Fell and Skye Zimmer.

Javanon 3, JYSA Storm 0; Javanon goals by Christian Foster and Shelby Sisler 2.


Javanon 2, Athletico Flames 1.

Javanon 3, ThoroughbredS0.


Javanon 1, Lady Celtics 0; Javanon goal by Morgan Riggs.

Javanon 4, Warren County 2; Javanon goals by Morgan Riggs, Camille Ogden, Caroline Arnold and own goal.



Thoroughbreds 4, Lexington FC 2; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Kacey Smekrud 3 and Anna Byerley.

Thoroughbreds 4, Lexington FC 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Maria VanderWoude 2, Natalie Claypool and Avery Weaver.

Thoroughbreds 6, SKY 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Sophia Head 2, Alexis Head, Natalie Claypool, Tristan Whalen and Megan Smekrud.

United 5, Thoroughbreds 2; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Tristan Whalen and Kacey Smekrud.


Thoroughbreds 3, Southern Indiana 0, Thoroughbreds’ goals by Mason Rice, Matthew Morris and Robert Lowe.

United Cup

Thoroughbreds 5, United Gold 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Jackson Greer, Max Kayworks, Eric Kirby and Noah Wilcox 2. Assists to Robert Lowe and Mason Rice.

Thoroughbreds 2, Classic Hammer Premier 1; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Mason Rice and Noah Wilcox. Assist to Wilcox.

Thoroughbreds 3, Charleston FC 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by

Eric Kirby, Mason Rice and Parker Vicich. Assist to Kirby.

Thoroughbreds 2, United Gold 1; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Eric Kirby and Noah Wilcox. Assists to Parker and Vicich 2.

Thoroughbreds 2, MUSA 1; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Eric Kirby and Noah Wilcox. Assists to Parker Vicich 2.

Thoroughbreds 3, Southern Indiana 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Robert Lowe, Matthew Morris and Mason Rice. Assist to Eric Kirby and Jackson Geer.


United Cup

Thoroughbreds 9, TN United 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Bradley Dean 4, Trent Stigler 2, Cooper Cantrell, P.J. Loheide and Cameron Wallace.

Thoroughreds 2, Classics Hammer Premier 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Jonathan Huerta 2.

Thoroughreds 1, Classics FC Premier 1; Thoroughbreds’ goal by Trent Stigler.


United Cup

Thoroughbreds 4, Atletico Flames 4; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Lindsay Salvadalena 2, Erika Laws and Storm Varon.

Sawyer 3, Thoroughbreds 0.

Thoroughbreds 2, Dynamo 0; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Hannah Causey, Lindsay Salvadalena and

Lisa Laws.


Thoroughbreds 5, Atletico Flames 1; Thoroughbreds’ goals by Brendan

Scott 2, Canyon Baze, Blake Benefield and Brogan Willcox. Assists to Jad Vicich, Brendon Wisdom, Eric Rosenstrom, Brendan Scott and Austin Smith.



Arsenal 3, Sawyer 3; Arsenal goals by Michael Cawood 2