Tally Sheet

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By The Staff


DIAMONDBACKS 24, REDS 9 - Matt Teague doubled three times to power the Diamondbacks.

Patch Galvan had a triple while Lucas Jones and Hunter Thomas each doubled twice.

Griffin Snyder paced the Reds with a triple and a double. Brandon Hackworth had a triple. Matt Baker and Jake Brizendine doubled.

BLUE JAYS 7, TIGERS 6 - Seth Hoagland and Ryan Kavanaugh doubled as the Jays scored five in the first inning to hold on.

ORIOLES 20, CARDINALS 3 - The O’s scored in every inning to coast.

Travis Henderson led the attack with a triple and a double. Kyle Kaelin, Nathan Willey and Alex Hancock all had doubles.

Drew Bruce doubled for the Cards.

DIAMONDBACKS 12, CARDINALS 7 - The Diamondbacks scored five in their last three at-bats thanks to a triple from Matt Teague and a double from Hunter Thomas.

Drew Bruce rallied the Cards in the middle innings with a triple. Ryan McKinney had a double.

REDS 9, BRAVES 8 - The Reds scored the game-winner in the bottom of the sixth.

Eli Cox led the Reds’ bats with a triple. Jake Brizendine, Nick Walz and Griffin Snyder all had doubles.

Chase Burkmeier, Cole Fisher and Charlie Yonts all doubled for the Braves.


MARLINS 7, METS 2 - The Marlins broke it open with five-runs in the third inning.

Brett Wilson led the way with a double. Bradley Gordon was the winning pitcher with relief help from Jaxon Mason.

John Kendall took the loss.

BREWERS 5, WHITE SOX 2 - The Brewers scored three in the top of the sixth inning to break a tie game and win.

Andrew Netherton led the Brewers wth a double. Reliever Luke Weihe got the win.

J.T. Harris took the loss. Ben Kraft doubled for the White Sox.

MARLINS 9, METS 0 - Winning pitcher Jaxon Mason and Bryce Crook combined to throw the shuout and lead the Marlins.

Crook and Bryson Lacey doubled for the Marlins.

BREWERS 10, CARDINALS 5 - The Brewers jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the first two innings to win.

Luke Weihe led the offense with a double. Justin Langford was the winning pitcher.

Matt Scott took the loss.

DODGERS 13, ASTROS 3 - The Dodgers scored all their runs in the middle innings to coast.

Alec Tindall, Hootie King and Jake Hampton doubled to lead the Dodgers.

Trey Congleton was the winning pitcher. Reliever Travis Clark struck out four batters for the Dodgers.

Justin Lowry took the loss.

MARLINS 7, BREWERS 3 - The Marlins scored four in the bottom of the first and held on.

Jaxon Mason got the win with relief help from Bryce Crook.

Crook, Trevor St. Clair and Zach Pate led the Marlins’ with two singles each.

Ryan White took the loss. Luke Weihe and Kirby Kasischke doubled for the Brewers.

METS 6, WHITE SOX 0 - The Mets’ Garrison Simpson ended the game with an unassisted double play and had a triple to lead his team.

Parker Hennings homered for the Mets.

PIRATES 6, ASTROS 1 - Nick McKinney’s double and a five-run first inning pushed the Pirates to the win.

Brennan Byrd was the winning pitcher with relief help from McKinney.

Seth Russell took the loss.

PIRATES 9, REDS 1 - Jacob Dubraja tripled as the Pirates coasted.

Joey Hackworth and Alec McGuire doubled for the Pirates.

Brennan Byrd was the winning pitcher.

Griffin McLarty tripled to lead the Reds. Griffin Diedrick had a double.


ROCKIES 8, INDIANS 0 - Winning pitcher Tyler London tripled twice to pace the Rockies.

London, Anthony Johnson and Paul Johnson combined to limit the Indians to two hits and struck out 14.

Trever Anderson tripled for the Indians. Wes Johnson took the loss.

INDIANS 8, ANGELS 5 - A five-run second inning carried the Indians.

Wes Johnson led the offense with a triple.

Ethan Crabtree homered for the Angels and Mike McCarty had a triple. J.R. Beatty doubled for the Angels.

DODGERS 6, DIAMONDBACKS 5 - The Dodgers scored five runs in their last three at-bats to win.

Jaxon Matz led the way with a triple. Jesse Bradshaw, Austin Combs, Austin Salyer and Trett Matthews all had doubles.

Brian Barmantje led the Diamondbacks with a triple and a double. Cody Mason also had a triple. Calvin Hunter and Layman Durbin doubled.

ROCKIES 8, YANKEES 3 - Jack Shaller homered to lead the Rockies.

Max Mueller supported him with a double for winning pitcher Paul Johnson.

Tanner Hennings carried the Yankees with a triple and two doubles.

DIAMONDBACKS 19, CUBS 2 - The Diamondbacks scored 17 runs in their last three at-bats to coast.

Bailey Rice, Kevin Schneider and Cody Mason led the offense with doubles.

Logan Dunman and Lane Bethay doubled for the Cubs.

RED SOX 9, DODGERS 2 - Will Persky homered to lead the Sox to the win.

Winning pitcher Zach Hazwell had a triple. Robbie Williams and Ross Gowing also had triples. Patrick Muller had a double for the high powered Sox attack.

Jaxon Matz and Adam Lang tripled for the Dodgers.

ANGELS 7, INDIANS 4 - Ethan Crabtree homered and got the win in relief for the Angels.

Starting pitcher J.R. Beatty had a double.

Austin Greenrose kept the Indians close with a home run. Jacob Irwin had a triple and a double.

ROCKIES 16, YANKEES 4 - Winning pitcher Anthony Johnson doubled twice to lead his team to the easy win.

Jack Shaller also had a double for the winners.



THUNDER 19, HEAT 18 - Kelsey Kaischke had the big bat with a triple and two doubles to lead the Thunder to the tight win.

Kate Lowry and Brenna Durham doubled for the Thunder.

Madison Junion and Lilly Ackles had doubles for the Heat.

BRAKETTES 13, THUNDER 12 Morgan Crook’s home run in the bottom of the fifth inning keyed the Brakettes to the win.

Crook also had a triple and a double. Kendall Clifford and Kelsey Moutadier also had doubles for the winners.

Kelsey Kaischke carried the Thunder with a home run. Kate Lowry doubled twice for the Thunder. Allison Woods and Bethany Jennings doubled for the Thunder.

HEAT 13, SUNBIRDS 11 - Tristan Whalen homered and tripled to lead the Heat.

Lacy Dennison had a triple while Sarah Kennedy, Erin Huff, Lilly Ackles and Nicole Biller all doubled for the Heat.

Lilly Allen, Kaylee Meshell and Candace Galvan all doubled for the Sunbirds.


HEAT 1, RACERS 0 - Madison Reed walked, stole second and third and scored on an error in the top of the first to give the Heat the win.

Winning pitcher Danielle Hempel went the distance with seven strikeouts.

Sam Lane took the loss and had eight strikeouts.

Amy Falone had a double for the Racers.

RACERS 3, FORCE 2 - Winning pitcher Amy Falone tripled twice and struck out nine to lead the Racers.

Megan Stringfield tripled for the Racers.

Bailey Hill took the loss and struck out seven.

Kaitlyn Brooks had a double.


THUNDER 9, HEAT 5 - Winning pitcher Miranda Hornback hit a two-run homer and struck out nine to lead the Thunder.

She was supported by Veronica Hornback who doubled twice and drove in four runs.

Losing pitcher Kelly Vogel struck out eight. Jessie Clifford had an RBI double for the Heat.

RIPTIDE 7, BANDITS 6 - Mallory Ackles and Alex Schureck doubled to lead the Riptide to the win.

Kim Roberts was the winning pitcher.

Beanne Heid took the loss and struck out nine.

Katie Farrow tripled for the Bandits, Kaitlyn Lacefield had a double.

HEAT 10, RIPTIDE 3 - Winning pitcher Kelly Vogel tripled and doubled to lead the Heat.

Karen Ely, Shelby Jones and Megan Barmantje all doubled for the Heat.

Danielle Heid had a double for the Riptide.

RIPTIDE 12, HEAT 9 - Bailey Reed tripled and doubled as the Riptide got the win for pitcher Kim Roberts.

Leah Brewer, Alex Schureck and Ashleigh Howard all doubled for the winners.

Kelly Vogel led the Heat with a triple. Paige Whitaker, Gabby Peters, Megan Barmantje and Kara Stinson all doubled for the Heat.

BANDITS 12, THUNDER 11 - The Bandits iced this one with a seven-run fourth inning.

Miranda Hornback led the way with a home run and a double.

Veronica Hornback had a triple and a double.

Winning pitcher Mykaela Seely doubled as did Lindsey Wilson.

Tabitha Black tripled for the Thunder.

BANDITS 8, HEAT 6 - Winning pitcher Danielle Neel tripled as the Bandits scored five-runs in the their last two at-bats to win.

Breann Heid tripled and Katie Farrow had a double for the winners.

Shelby Jones led the Heat with a triple.

Gabby Peters, Karen Ely and Megan Barmantje all doubled for the Heat in a losing cause.

THUNDER 11, RIPTIDE 8 - Veronica Hornback tripled and doubled to key the Thunder.

Yvonne Butler tripled and Lindsey Wilson doubled for the winners. Miranda Hornback was the winning pitcher.