Students visit Waverly Hills

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By The Staff

Oldham County Middle School’s gifted and talented program visited Waverly Hills Sanatorium on Sept. 15. They got the chance to tour the old haunted tuberculosis hospital, and learned more about the ghost hauntings.

We would like to share this experience with you.

Waverly Hills was a very scary place with all the gargoyles and such. We had heard many stories about the ghosts and were eager to investigate it ourselves. With our flashlights in hand, we started our tour through the pitch-black rooms of Waverly.

One of the most interesting, yet most horrifying, ghost stories we heard was on the third level. Many people have claimed to have seen a man with frizzy white hair and a white dog. It was discovered that a hobo did live on this level with his dog when the hospital was closed down. On one particular tour, a young boy wandered away from the group as they were traveling through the third level. The group then heard an ear-shattering scream. When the boy finally calmed down, he told them he saw a man with frizzy white hair and no eyes.

Another infamous story is the story of room 502, where two nurses were killed. One hung herself, and one was pushed out of the window. Now the legend is, if you sit up on the 5th floor late at night, you can see the ghosts of the nurses pacing across the hallway.

We also learned about the history of tuberculosis. They told us that when tuberculosis was at its peak, there was at least one death an hour. The doctors at Waverly didn’t want their patients to see so many hearses. Therefore, they built a Death Chute where the dead bodies could be transported down to the hearses about a mile away from the hospital.

We had the privilege of getting to go down this chute to see what it was like. It was a long and narrow journey down! Some claim that you can see past patients in this chute but unfortunately we didn’t see anything paranormal. However coming out of the chute we did hear knocking on a glass window. Spooky stuff, huh?

All in all, this was a very fun and educational field trip. Not only were we able to learn about the ghosts, but also were able to learn about the hospital’s history. In the end, we didn’t see any ghosts, but we do have the orbs in our pictures to prove that there are some spirits in that old hospital!

The students had a lot of stories to tell when they got back to school and are now working on articles and power points about the trip to share with their classmates.

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