Students earn state journalism awards

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By The Staff

 Several local students  recently won awards in the annual statewide high school journalism contest hosted by the Kentucky High School Journalism Association.

South Oldham High School was declared grand champion in the recent contest – for broadcast, newspaper and yearbook. The school also won first-place general excellence awards among class 3A schools in the broadcast, newspaper and yearbook categories.  Oldham County High School also won a first-place general excellence award for newspaper among class 4A schools and a third in general excellence for broadcast in class 4A schools Oldham County High School Broadcast  First place: spot production – Alex Grams and Matt Fairfield. Second place: spot production – Cate Templet and Renee Loranger;  music video or short video – Michelle Stolworthy, Anthony Rose and Cody Wathen; vo or vo/sot – Katie Brewer; videography – Matt Fairfield and Josh Crabtree. Third place: general excellence, newscast – OTVX staff; humorous feature – Josh Crabtree, Andrew Tutt and Anthony Rose; newsmagazine – Zac Norton and Ben Norton; documentary  – Zac Norton and Ben Norton. Newspaper First place: general excellence, editorial writing  – Carolyn McBride; sports writing – Aaron Smith; page one design – Chris Poche; overall newspaper design – The Clarion Staff; illustrations/graphics – Chelsea Corbin.  Second place: feature writing – Carolyn McBride; sports writing – Aaron Smith; single page layout – Ian Weber; two-page layout – Kyle Stewart and Carly Besser. Third place: page one design – Ian Weber. Yearbook  First place: advertising section. South Oldham High School Grand Champion Broadcast  First place: general excellence, spot production – Whitney Olsen and Andrew Spinks; newscast – staff   April 2009; news feature package – Lauren Scanlon and Fons De Clerk; sports feature package – Taylor Nicholson and Kara Stinson; vo or vo/sot – Jordann McGuffin; videography – Lauren Scanlon and Fons De Clerk.  Second place: spot production – Evan Stewart, Lauren Scanlon and Andrew Spinks; newscast – staff, October 2009; music video or short video –  Lauren Moore;  news feature package – Jordann McGuffin; sports feature package – Brennan Carrithers and Whitney Olsen; news package – Samantha Coates and Fons De Clerk. Third place: spot production – Taylor Nicholson, Ashley Carrithers and Christine Langston; music video or short video – Samantha Coates and Brennan Carrithers; news feature package – Samantha Coates and Christine Langston; news package – Taylor Nicholson and Andrew Spinks;  Newspaper First place, general excellence; newswriting – Raven Hemstein; feature writing – Samantha Coates; review – Christian Rhudy; column – Sydney Catinna; single page layout – Samantha Coates; overall newspaper design – The Dragon’s Tale Staff; illustrations/graphics – Raven Hemstein;  Second place:newswriting  – Anna DeZarn; editorial writing – Christian Rhudy; review – Dylan Crain; sports writing – Sarah McKenna; newspaper photography – Ian Bailie; column – Samantha Coates; editorial cartoon – Emma Reed; two-page layout – Samantha Coates; overall newspaper design – The Dragon’s Tale Staff; Third place: newswriting – Megg Ward; feature writing – Taylor Parker; sports writing – Nichole Brown; page one design – Megg Ward; two-page layout – Raven Hemstein; illustrations/graphics – Nicole Brown. Yearbook First place: general excellence, cover design, writing, style, overall design, theme development, use of graphics, yearbook photography, advertising section, overall coverage.